Lip Fillers

Lip Augmentation

Lip fillers are a means to an end - specifically, lip augmentation. Across all of SISU's clinics, lip fillers are one of our most popular treatments. Lip augmentation is a non-surgical treatment to perfect the shape and volume of the lips. Lip augmentation also addresses age-related loss of definition and volume in lips. (If your lipstick is suddenly bleeding onto the skin around the edges of your lips, you are suffering from a loss of definition and volume.) The result: a more voluminous, shapely lip that suits your face best.

Are Lip Fillers Safe?

As with anytime one is injecting anything into one's body, there is always some risk involved in lip fillers. That risk is dramatically reduced when your injections are administered by a qualified, experienced medical professional, as they are at SISU. Conversely, that risk skyrockets if you go to anyone else. From disastrous results and infection to lifelong deformity of the lips, the tragic outcomes are innumerable. At SISU, many patients originally find us when searching for help fixing severe problems caused by going to unqualified, non-medical providers of lip fillers. Only an aesthetic doctor has had the training required to deliver safe lip augmentation.

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Our Lip Fillers

At SISU, our doctors use a variety of the highest quality fillers to produce superb results for each patient. Everyone's face is different, and SISU never uses a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to creating the best look and feel for your appearance. Our doctors create bespoke patient pathways for every person who comes to our clinic. This aesthetic plan includes treatments specified for your individual needs, desires, unique facial anatomy and overall health.

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