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Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back

SISUsmile logo - teeth whitening in dublin, cork and killarney"Professional teeth whitening Cork," "professional teeth whitening Dublin" and "professional teeth whitening Killarney are familiar internet searches. But you won't find a teeth whitening clinic like this anywhere else in Cork city centre, Dublin city centre or Killarney city centre. At SISUsmile our professional cosmetic teeth whitening results are unbeatable. Here's why:

  • We use the latest technology to help you achieve the white smile you always wanted.
  • Our teeth whitening gels are do not contain hydrogen peroxide.
  • Furthermore, as well to being hydrogen peroxide-free, our innovative teeth whitening gels have a pH of 5.5.
  • Also, our teeth whitening gels are EU-compliant.
  • Because of this, you will not experience sensitivity post-treatment.
  • SISUsmile's teeth whitening treatment is clinically proven to be the most effective laser teeth whitening treatment available.

Due to all of the above, SISUsmile can confidently guarantee you a private, personal and professional teeth whitening service.


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1 Hour Treatment, Results For At Least 18 Months

professional teeth whitening dublin cork killarneyThe timings on teeth whitening treatment from SISUsmile are something our patients find to be a massive bonus:

  • SISUsmile one hour laser teeth whitening treatment is safe, quick, non-invasive and totally pain-free.
  • Furthermore, your results will be immediate.
  • Within one hour you will have a whiter, brighter smile.
  • Also, our laser teeth whitening treatment results last at least one and a half years.
  • Finally, SISUsmile provides professional aftercare guidance on how to maintain your new white smile.

Most noteworthy: Get your teeth whitened during the day and go out that night with a transformed smile! So this is also extremely helpful in preparing for those big events. There are few treatments you can get last minute that will make such a huge difference in your appearance!


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10-12 Shades Lighter

On average our clients see improvement of 10-12 shades. This can vary depending on several factors, including lifestyle (eg smoking) and pre-treatment condition of teeth. We are so confident in our results that if you are less than 4 shades whiter, you won't pay a penny.


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