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Professional Laser Hair Removal Ireland - Dublin Cork for face

About Laser Hair Removal

"Professional laser hair removal in Cork" and "professional laser hair removal in Dublin" are searched by thousands of people every day. Everyone wants effortlessly silky, soft skin in place of prickly stubble and unsightly hair.

Now, SISU Aesthetic Clinics offer SISU Smooth: professional laser hair removal in Dublin and Cork. SISU's industry-leading laser has unrivalled energy levels. That means your laser hair removal treatment takes only minutes per session. So you'll have a course of six SISU Smooth sessions versus the extra, less effective sessions you'd get from other providers.

Men's Laser Hair Removal for Back, Chest, Neck, Face, Underarms, Abs

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

We introduced SISU Smooth to meet the huge demand from SISU Clinic patients. Here's why they love laser hair removal:

  • It's not just hair removal - it's hassle removal!
  • No more time-consuming temporary hair removal treatments.
  • No more waxing, shaving, plucking, tweezing, or smelly depilatory creams.
  • No more unsightly ingrown hairs or their bumps that often leave scars.
Hairless underams, face, bikini line

The SISU Smooth Difference

SISU Smooth is the gold-standard in laser hair removal. Here's what distinguishes SISU from other providers:

  • Firstly, we use the latest technology to help you achieve the smooth, silky skin you've always wanted.
  • Secondly, SISU Smooth only uses the most cutting-edge laser system available. The Cynosure Palomar Icon is the laser of choice for doctor-led clinics like SISU.
  • Because the SISU Smooth laser system is so powerful, it allows for a greater depth of penetration across a wider range of your skin’s surface.
  • So the SISU Smooth laser's unrivalled sophistication and innovation means you get the most effective treatment and hair reduction in the least amount of time.

Above all, SISU Smooth laser hair removal gives you beautifully hair-free, stubble-free skin from highly trained, qualified professionals. As a doctor-led aesthetic treatment clinic, we treat everyone as a patient - not a 'customer' or name on a booking sheet.

Why Get Laser Hair Removal?

smooth legs laser hair removal dublinThe real question is: Why not?

Here are some of the many reasons people choose SISU Smooth professional laser hair removal:

  • Firstly, who wants to spend their lives on shaving, plucking, waxing, sugaring, depilating, or covering themselves in smelly hair removal creams?
  • Even more: Who has that kind of time?
  • Additionally, trying to perfectly time temporary hair removal requires a lot of planning and hassle.
  • For example, you have to coordinate your waxing or sugaring at just the perfect time before your beach holiday.
  • Another example: Trying to time your temporary hair removal before a big date or event. Too soon and you'll feel stubble on the exact day. Too late and…well, you're hairy. You might even have unsightly in-grown hairs, complete with angry red bumps. Not ideal when you most want to look and feel your best.
  • Further, the results of temporary hair removal treatments never last.
  • Finally, they often come with unpleasant or downright painful side effects.
  • In fact, many people suffer lifelong scarring from in-grown hairs and depilatory cream burns.

For more details, see our SISU Smooth laser hair removal FAQs.

Treatment Areas + Pricing

SISU Smooth is available for both men and women. The following areas of your face and body can soon be hair-free with SISU Smooth:

  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Upper cheek
  • 'Full beard' area
  • Centre of brow ('unibrow')
  • Full face (including cheeks and 'sideburns')
  • Underarms
  • Legs
  • Bikini line
  • Back of neck
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Abdominal area

At last, you can have hair removed all over your face and body. Rather than worrying about hair, stubble, in-grown hairs and scarring, just get rid of it!

All services are packaged as courses of six professional laser hair removal sessions. Click here for pricing details. Wondering why multiple sessions are required? Find the answer at our SISU Smooth laser hair removal FAQs.

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Laser Hair Removal - SISU Smooth
laser hair removal bikini line legs face dublin cork
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