Intraceutical Facials

Intraceuticals® Facials

Oxygen facials were pioneered in 2002. Since then, the innovative science has rapidly become even more sophisticated, allowing for even more stunning results. SISU's oxygen facials are administered with technology from Intraceuticals® Facials. Their state-of-the-art system delivers a jet of purified oxygen to the epidermis, with 95% of the oxygen absorbed by the skin - clearing the way for some of the most innovative, effective, active ingredients ever created.

How do oxygen facials work?

After scouring the globe for the most effective, innovative facial technologies, SISU's doctors specially selected Intraceuticals® Facials as our signature oxygen facial. This hygienic, medically robust approach imparts a powerful antibacterial effect to the skin. Delivery of oxygen to the epidermis optimizes the skin for maximum absorption of the powerful serums and active ingredients SISU applies during your facial. These serums have been carefully formulated with a variety of molecular weights for a sophisticated layering process. This benefits your skin both in-clinic and when you go home and resume your day-to-day skincare régime. Products penetrate more deeply, amplifying impact and maximizing results.


Will an oxygen facial work with my skin?

Every treatment at SISU is personalised for your specific aesthetic desires, needs, and concerns. This includes designing an oxygen facial that takes into account your skin type and skin condition(s). For example, if you're over the age of 30 and see fine lines around the eyes and an overall tired quality in your skin, our anti-ageing rejuvenation oxygen facial is for you. If you have uneven skin tone, sun damage, and/or dull skin, our pigmentation oxygen facial would suit your skin best. Those who suffer breakouts, the purity oxygen facial restores clarity and calm. Whatever your skin type and condition(s), SISU's doctors will design an oxygen facial for you.


What results can I expect from an oxygen facial?

Suitable for any skin type and personalised for you, oxygen facials can treat a variety of skin conditions. These include acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and other skin discoloration. Oxygen facials also give an immediate vibrancy and glow, turning over tired, dull skin to reveal fresher, younger skin. This glow is built to last: Engineered to deliver cumulative results over time, these facials also help you get more impact from your at-home skincare routine. Regular oxygen facials produce even more spectacular, noticeable results.

Why should I have an oxygen facial?

The Intraceuticals® Facials SISU administers are the same treatments used to make models look their best during London Fashion Week and in preparation for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. During live events when high-definition cameras are at their least forgiving, these facials are relied upon for picture-perfect results. But you don't have to be a supermodel to benefit from SISU's oxygen facials. You will experience both immediate, visible improvement in your complexion as well as improved results from your at-home skincare investment. Making the most of your skin and your product budget makes this facial a financially advantageous option. The result: Vibrant, glowing, clearer skin.

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