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The Fast Fix For Excessive Sweating

June 13, 2019

the fast fix for excessive sweating

Emma Stone could have used the fast fix for excessive sweating during filming with Ryan Reynolds

Hyperhidrosis: The Medical Condition That Can Strike Anyone

Few conditions are as harmful to a person’s entire life as excessive sweating. That’s why SISU’s medical doctors knew patients needed the fast fix for excessive sweating in Belfast, Dublin, Cork and Killarney.

Firstly, hyperhidrosis plagues many more people than you’d imagine. Studies estimate that up to five percent of the population suffers from excessive sweating. That’s more than 70,000 people in Dublin alone.

So imagine how many people in the world live with the secret of hyperhidrosis. Unsurprisingly, many of them are keeping this a secret from family and friends. That is how much shame excessive sweating can cause.

the fast fix for excessive sweating

Nice try, Ellen

Even celebrities like actress Emma Stone says she suffers ‘horrible,’ excessive sweating. ‘I sweat a lot’, Stone says. ‘I’m very sweaty’. Ellen DeGeneres cheekily nicknamed her Emma ‘Sweaty’ Stone. Obviously, the fast fix for excessive sweating is something anyone might need someday.

While she can laugh about it, Emma Stone sheepishly admits she drenched actor Ryan Gosling with sweat during filming. So count at least one stunningly beautiful celebrity among those who need excessive sweating treatment for men AND women.

Even wearing barely-there dresses on the red carpet, actress Hally Berry’s sweat stains are often obvious. Ellen also tried to help Ms Berry. But kitchen roll is no match for excreting excessive sweat.

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that demands a medical solution. Cue SISU No Sweat to the rescue.

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hyperhidrosis treatment ireland dublin cork belfast uk killarney

The Fast Fix For Excessive Sweating: SISU No Sweat

Few realise there is massive demand to solve hyperhidrosis. At our nonsurgical clinics in Belfast, Dublin, Cork and Killarney, SISU medical doctors see so many patients suffering with this often secret affliction. That’s why we introduced SISU No Sweat in all SISU Clinics. SISU No Sweat gives patients quick, remarkable freedom from excessive sweating. What’s more, this major relief that takes only a few minutes to treat. That’s why it’s the fast fix for excessive sweating.

So here’s what SISU No Sweat entails, its results, and why so many people need it. First, see our patient Mark describe how SISU No Sweat has transformed his everyday life:




SISU Clinic Ranelagh Dublin treatment room doorThe Fast Fix For Excessive Sweating: How It Works

Given that hyperhidrosis has such a major impact on sufferers, many are surprised by the ease of the SISU No Sweat treatment. Hence its name: No Sweat! That’s because our patients are often shocked by how quickly, painlessly and easily their hyperhidrosis can be treated by a SISU doctor. (Of course eliminating all sweat would be completely unhealthy.)

The purified protein within SISU No Sweat injections can disrupt the chemical that activates sweat glands. By blocking this chemical messenger, SISU No Sweat relaxes the muscle contractions that cause sweat excretion. Thus these injections can significantly reduce the volume of sweat.

In fact, SISU Clinic’s qualified medical doctors have been treating patients for hyperhidrosis for years. Being that we have this expertise and experience, the SISU No Sweat treatment is straightforward and fast. To be specific:

  • First, the doctor uses a topical numbing agent to prepare the area to be treated.
  • When the treatment area is the palms, patients will spend 15 – 20 minutes spent holding ice packs to accelerate numbing prior to the agent’s application. This guarantees minimal discomfort during the injection process.
  • Next, SISU No Sweat injections are administered by the doctor at precise points within the affected area.
  • Most importantly, this takes only a minute or two.

Yes, that’s it. Just pop into SISU Clinic on your lunch hour, before or after work. At our nonsurgical clinics in Belfast, Dublin, Cork and Killarney, it’s just that simple. SISU No Sweat truly is the fast fix for excessive sweating.


meghan markle sweating solution

SISU No Sweat will have you raising your arms without fear, just like Meghan Markle, even during exercise. Get the Markle Sparkle and the fast fix for excessive sweating – without surgery

Results from SISU No Sweat

After SISU No Sweat treatment, you can expect to notice results within four to six days. Within one week, you should see a significant reduction in the amount of sweat produced in your affected areas. In clinical studies, patients were found to experience more than 80% reduction in sweating within the first seven days post-treatment.

After your first SISU No Sweat treatment, the effects will last an average of about six months. As duration of results varies, SISU Clinic doctors assess the need for follow-up treatments with all hyperhidrosis patients.

Again, our excessive sweating treatment for men and women is a medical treatment. To emphasise, hyperhidrosis should never be treated by anyone but qualified a medical doctor.


What Is Hyperhidrosis?

Excessive sweating is very misunderstood by people who do not have it. For the approximately five percent of the population who do, this can lead to more than embarrassment. Shame is a very real side effect of this life-altering condition. So here’s what everyone should know about hyperhidrosis:

britney spears crotch sweat

Britney Spears’ sweaty groin mimics an affliction many hyperhidrosis sufferers experience

  • Above all, know that overactive sweat glands are more than just sweating more than one would like
  • In fact, this condition makes the sweat glands like taps that cannot be turned off
  • There are two kinds of hyperhidrosis. Specifically, primary (AKA primary focal) and secondary Hyperhidrosis
    • Firstly, primary hyperhidrosis involves hyperactivity in the nerves that control sweat glands
    • Secondly, other medical conditions can cause what’s called secondary hyperhidrosis
    • For example, various cancers, the menopause, diabetes and thyroid issues can have this side effect
  • All in all, commonly affected bodily regions for hyperhidrosis include:
    • hands
    • underarms / armpits
    • feet,
    • face
    • general craniofacial area
  • But many people also experience full-body excessive sweating.
  • Further, hyperhidrosis can also be localised in the groin area and under the breasts.

So SISU’s medical doctors introduced SISU No Sweat to tackle this extremely troubling condition. Due to both the social impact and medical outcomes, there is massive demand for this nonsurgical treatment. For years, patients across Ireland and the UK have relied on SISU doctors for the fast fix for excessive sweating.


kate middleton sweat patch underm armpits

Sweat patches can strike anyone, with or without hyperhidrosis. Even Kate Middleton knows what it’s like!

Statistics on Hyperhidrosis and Excessive Sweating

First, the research on hyperhidrosis reveals some stunning figures. Here are some statistics about excessive sweating compared to the general population:

  • The average person has between two and four million sweat glands.
  • While women have more sweat glands than men, men sweat around 40% more than women do.
  • Indeed, the average person sweats more than 1,000 litres per year.
  • People with hyperhidrosis sweat four or five times more than this – up to 5,000 litres annually.
  • Nearly 40 percent of hyperhydrosis sufferers experience at least one major ‘sweating event’ every week of their lives.

It can be unpredictable who hyperhidrosis will afflict. When you have hyperhidrosis, you never know when an episode of excessive sweating will strike. So are you just sweaty or do you have hyperhidrosis?


jon bon jovi sweating sweaty

Jon Bon Jovi’s shirt is drenched even though it’s sleeveless. But hyperhidrosis patients suffer even MORE excessive sweating than this

Symptoms of Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition. That’s why it demands a medical fix like SISU No Sweat, administered only by medical doctors. Because hyperhidrosis is much more serious than just sweating more than you’d like. Signs that your sweating might be hyperhidrosis include:

  • Profuse sweating regardless of weather or physical activity
  • Clammy or wet palms of your hands
  • Clammy or wet soles of your feet
  • Noticeable sweat that soaks through clothing
  • Sweat levels that are disruptive to your daily routine
  • Feeling the need to withdraw socially due to sweat levels or unpredictability of sweat levels
  • Experiencing night sweats for no obvious reason.

Sound familiar? Your sweating patterns might actually be hyperhidrosis.

How Does Excessive Sweating Affect People?

There are so many reasons our patients have come to rely on SISU No Sweat. It has given them much-needed liberation from the worries caused by excessive sweating. To be specific:

  • At this time, there is still a massive stigma related to hyperhidrosis
  • Due to the embarrassment of excessive sweating, most sufferers keep their condition secret
  • While it is often episodic rather than relentless, it is not unusual for hyperhidrosis patients to have a less sweaty day here and there
  • Generally, though, excessive sweating is relentless, plaguing sufferers every day of their lives
  • Causes can be easy to guess: heat and humidity, nervousness, overly warm clothing and exercise
  • Further, nervousness is often caused by the fear of sweating, causing a vicious cycle of anxiety, panic and sweat
  • Perhaps surprisingly, sufferers can be saturated in sweat for no reason at all
  • Indeed, hyperhidrosis episodes often happen while someone is merely sitting still
  • Hence, excessive sweating affects every aspect of their lives

But the issues caused by hyperhidrosis are so much more complicated than even this.


kim karashian boob sweat

Kim Kardashian doesn’t shy away from social occasions, even when showing sweat patches under her dress

The Worst Side Effects of Hyperhidrosis

As shown above, there are many side effects of hyperhidrosis that SISU No Sweat eliminates. Those of us who do not have excessive sweating can only imagine the weight of this condition. To list:

  • Firstly, excessive sweating requires a person to carefully plan every day of their lives
  • For example, many hyperhydrosis sufferers have to bring a change of clothes or socks with them everywhere they go
  • By the time they get to their destination, they are often drenched in sweat
  • So every occasion – from dates, nights out, job interviews, a normal school day and everything else – is a potential humiliation

Obviously this all makes day-to-day life more than just a hassle. At work, at home, and with the ones you love, everything is harder. Even getting dressed in the morning requires strategizing and careful execution.


Everyday Fears Caused By Excessive Sweating

Even Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson often sports sweaty underarms

Every aspect of life is affected by hyperhidrosis. For example:

  • Most importantly, social activities are always a cause of anxiety
  • Many hyperhidrosis sufferers try to avoid social interactions altogether
  • From careers to relationships and everything in between, every interaction is scary

Danger lurks everywhere for hyperhidrosis patients. To be specific:

  • Unsurprisingly, excessive sweating can make any physical contact a potential humiliation
  • Hence many sufferers evade touch at all costs
  • Some are even afraid to hold their children’s hands, in case they lose their grip. Similarly, holding babies or kids would be a cause for fear as well
  • At work, excessive sweat can soak through papers and damage books. Imagine being anxious just to hold such everyday things
  • Meanwhile at home, normal activities like cooking can be scary. Sweaty hands do not go well with knives, the handles on saucepans and pots, or even oven gloves
  • Even clothing and shoes must meet strict criteria. But most of us do not have to engage in strategic dressing on a daily basis. Examples:
    • Black clothing hides sweat, so is the colour of choice even in summer
    • Wicking fabrics that pull sweat away from the body are a primary preference
    • Otherwise, breatheable cotton is their only option
    • Fabrics like leather, silk and satin are out of the question
    • Likewise, sufferers often cannot wear nice acessories like handbags, bracelets, rings and necklaces
    • Generally, materials like Spandex, polyester and nylon do not absorb sweat and retain body heat
    • Additionally, hyperhidrosis sufferers will only wear fabric-lined shoes. Due to sliding caused by excessive sweating of the soles of feet, other shoes can be downright dangerous.

tom cruise sweaty sweat patches stains armpits

Even Tom Cruise, who probably doesn’t have hyperhidrosis, can’t ‘just stop sweating’!

Why Hyperhidrosis Sufferers Can’t ‘Just Stop Sweating’

SISU No Sweat patients tell our doctors they hear this all the time. Easier said than done! All in all, many people hold inaccurate beliefs about those who sweat excessively. So allow us to list the facts:

  • Firstly, those who do not have this condition often believe those who do are ‘dirty’ or don’t bathe enough
  • In fact, hyperhidrosis sufferers tend to bathe and wash their hands more than the rest of us do
  • In order to stem sweating, they often attempt to stay cool and dry by washing and rinsing their bodies multiple times daily
  • Further, hyperhidrosis sufferers tend to wear loads of antiperspirants and deodorants. They reapply these frequently throughout the day, out of both fear and misplaced hope that they will help

So those with excessive sweating are generally cleaner than the overall population.


sweaty supermodel christy Burlington

Even supermodels like Christy Turlington can suffer from a sweaty groin area

Who Needs the Fast Fix For Excessive Sweating?

Both men and women suffer from hyperhidrosis. SISU No Sweat is popular with all patients. Regardless of gender, age or cause of hyperhidrosis, everyone who has it is desperate for relief. Our medical doctors have given just that to hundreds of patients across Ireland and the UK.

Again, hyperhidrosis sufferers come from all walks of life. They are not ‘dirty’. They also take more showers and wear more deodorant than most of other people. Excessive sweating is a medical condition beyond their control. SISU No Sweat is the nonsurgical treatment that lets them reclaim their lives. No more frantic everyday planning, anxiety, changes of clothes, or fear of social contact. It’s more than just a ‘nice to have’. SISU No Sweat has already transformed hundreds of patients’ lives.


Do You Have Any Specials For SISU No Sweat?

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Welcome to SISU Clinic Cork in Oliver Plunkett Street!

How Do I Get the Fast Fix For Excessive Sweating?

Firstly, your SISU patient concierge is always on standby for you. So we offer several ways to book SISU No Sweat at our five clinics in Belfast, Cork, Dublin and Killarney. Here’s how:


SISU Aesthetic Clinic Locations

  • BELFAST – 63 Ann Street, Belfast, BT1, 4EE (MAP)
  • CORK – 60 Oliver Plunkett Street (MAP)
  • DUBLIN – 15 South Anne Street, Dublin 2 (MAP)
  • DUBLIN (Ranelagh) –  3 Fields Terrace, Charleston Road, The Triangle, Dublin 6 (MAP)
  • KILLARNEY – Old Town Hall, Market Street, Killarney (MAP)

Again, you can book online via SISU’s online booking form or call your SISU patient concierge on 1890 998 948 (Ireland) or 028 9575 7974 (Belfast) to get your free consultation with one of our medical doctors.

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