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Is Tap Water Wrecking Your Skin?

June 27, 2018

As kids we had it drilled into us: Wash your face with soap and water. The soap was long ago ditched for proper facial cleansers. And now it’s time for us to sort out the water, too.

Most of Ireland has hard water. This is water that has flowed through land heavy in chalk and limestone, picking up traces of minerals as it goes. So after you bathe or wash your hands, hard water leaves calcium deposits on your skin that won’t rinse off.

This residue can wreak havoc on your looks. If you have colour-treated hair, hairdressers often recommend installing a filter on your shower head to preserve your colour. But those filters only sift sand and dirt, not particles like calcium that are smaller than an atom.

acne and rosacea caused by tap water chemicals minerals calcium sensitive skin

So imagine what those mineral deposits do to your skin! Here are just a few of the problems hard water can cause your beautiful face:

  • Clogged pores, due to the way calcium makes excreted oil thicker and more wax-like than its usual flowing liquid state.
  • Spots, blackheads, and rosacea as a result of the clogged pores.
  • Dry, red, scaly skin due to irritation often caused by calcium.
  • Inflamed, ‘angry’ skin caused by heavy metals found in hard water, such as copper, iron, magnesium, and zinc. These are free radicals all good skincare strives to fight.

Because few people realise tap water is the culprit of so many skin woes, the root cause is never discovered or resolved.

So how do you avoid water-caused skin ailments?

You could invest in a water softening system, but that carries a significant cost most of us can’t justify. Some skincare brands offer spritzes heavy in chelating agents, which absorb harmful elements in water.

At the very least, put distilled water into a spray bottle and use it to rinse your face every time you wash. While this won’t neutralise the heavy metals and minerals, it will at least help rinse them off more effectively. (All those celebs who wash their faces with Evian don’t seem so silly now, do they?)

While you nurse your skin back to health, you can help it by removing impurities and infusing it with oxygen and innovative serums to help make skin more robust and healthy. SISU offers a range of facials that can address your skin concerns, whatever they are. We’ll examine your skin carefully and recommend the treatment that will help you most.

If you’d like to accelerate your skin’s restoration and rejuvenation, just call 021-4279438 or click here to book an appointment at one of SISU’s clinics in Dublin, Cork, or Killarney. Your skin will thank you!

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