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How to Stop Wasting Your Skincare Budget

June 18, 2018

​If you’re overwhelmed by the number of skincare products on the market, there’s good reason for that. With dozens of new product launches every week, analysts expect us to be spending nearly €115 billion on topical skincare by 2021.

You might have also seen every women’s magazine, blog and website telling you about 100+ beauty trends you simply have to follow (or so they say). Is ‘natural’ skincare all it’s cracked up to be? (No, and much of it is harmful.) Are 22-product Korean skincare regimes the key to transforming your face? (No, but they do pass the time if you’re bored for several hours every day.) Will sheet masks give you soft, poreless skin? (Not in this or any lifetime.)

When it comes to strategic skincare shopping, fads won’t show you the way. So here’s a no-bull primer on what different products do, where you can economise and where you shouldn’t.

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Cleansers aren’t going to work major magic on your skin. Washing your face is a crucial step. Never, ever skip it – morning or night.

But what you leave on your skin has more of a positive impact than what you rinse away from it immediately. At the same time, using many cheaper cleansers is tantamount to washing your face with Fairy Liquid. They can contain harsh surfactants that make skin a breeding ground for bacteria – and within hours, acne.

So while you can economise on cleanser if money is tight, read labels carefully. If you do splurge, bear in mind that the cost probably works out to mere pennies per wash.

Exfoliants are also essential. Does your skin look tired and dull? Do your serums and moisturisers seem to sit on the surface of your skin without absorbing properly? If so, you’re probably not sloughing away the dead cells on the surface of your skin. And those dry, old cells are blocking your other products from penetrating.

If you’re used to granular scrubs for exfoliation, chuck them directly in the nearest bin. The grit, often made from sharp things like shards of apricot stones, can cause tiny tears in your skin and wreak total havoc. Those scrubs also aren’t nearly as effective as naturally-derived acids.

Sophisticated chemical exfoliants are the way to go. These products will include elements like alpha-hydroxy, beta-hydroxy, glycolic and lactic acids. While the word ‘acid’ can sound scary, these gentle compounds come from natural sources like fruit, sugarcane, and milk.

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As well as your at-home acids, you’ll want to set aside some money for medical-grade chemical peels and other powerful forms of exfoliation, like oxygen facials and microdermabrasion. Every person’s skin is different, so you will get the biggest return on your clinical exfoliation investment by consulting one of SISU’s doctors, who will examine your skin and create a bespoke patient pathway for your specific concerns and goals.

Serum is the step where you want to avoid being a cheapskate. This, along with exfoliation treatments, is where the bulk of your skincare spend should go.

Serums should pack the biggest punch in your daily regime, delivering concentrated doses of potent ingredients to your skin. As well as daily home maintenance with a great serum, you can also add on a booster serum to SISU’s Intraceuticals facials.

Moisturisers are where you might have been throwing your money away all these years. For generations, people have believed that a moisturiser was the secret to youthful skin. In fact, all moisturisers do is…moisturise. If you want to get the benefits of the most effective skincare ingredients, you need to ‘blow the doors off’ with an effective exfoliant and consistently apply serums with powerhouse compounds. Smooth moisturiser on top if your skin needs it (it might not), but this is not the step where skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, redness, dullness, or acne will be solved.

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What about eye creams and neck products? The truth is, the skin in those areas is different from the skin on the rest of your face. But if you’ve got baggy, crepey skin in those spots, you won’t find any miracles in a bottle. This calls for something more effective, like Botox, dermal fillers, Silhouette Soft, and Profhilo (depending on your unique skin type, condition, concerns and goals).

Believe it or not, you can be low-maintenance (on a daily basis) by doing regular maintenance (two or three times a year, depending on your skin and the treatment) with treatments like these. No more desperately hoping your new €150 moisturiser is going to get rid of your crow’s feet. No more being late for work because you spent too long trying to cover up your hollow undereyes with concealer. No more wearing polo necks and scarves to hide your wrinkled, saggy neck.

Think investment, not spend.

No matter what, being the best version of yourself involves parting with funds to care for your skin. You can maximise the returns on your hard-earned cash by investing in proven, medically-administered, scientifically sound treatments. Or you can spend it jumping from trend to trend and brand to brand, crossing your fingers and never quite looking like the best version of yourself.

The choice is yours.

If you’d like to explore a scientifically rigorous approach to skincare and rejuvenating your overall appearance,  one of our doctors will meet with you for a free consultation. Just call 021-4279438 or click here to book an appointment at one of SISU’s clinics in Dublin, Cork, or Killarney.

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