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SISU Clinic Ranelagh (Dublin) Now Open!

February 28, 2019

SISU Clinic Ranelagh (Dublin) is our fourth clinic in Ireland! What’s more, it’s our second clinic in the capital city. So it has to be said: Thank you, Dublin, for demanding more SISU medical doctors in more SISU Clinics!



Our Welcome Gift for Ranelagh Neighbours

We’re so eager to meet you all! Until 31 March, we’ve got some special gifts for everyone who comes to SISU Clinic Ranelagh (Dublin). Got your attention? Read on!

SISUsmile Special Gift

Always wanted a brighter, whiter smile? Get SISUsmile professional laser teeth whitening for just €69 at SISU Clinic Ranelagh (Dublin) until 31 March. It takes one hour and results last around 18 months. Guaranteed results or your money back!

But that’s not all. Are you ready for the BIG one?


SISUsmile professional laser teeth whitening treatment ireland

20% Off ALL Injectables

Yes, you read that correctly. Until 31 March, come to SISU Clinic Ranelagh (Dublin) and get 20% off all of SISU’s nonsurgical treatments/injectable treatments. To be specific, that includes:

To clarify, the treatments listed above can be used for a plethora of bespoke aesthetic treatments. See below for a complete listing of nonsurgical treatments SISU’s medical doctors perform using injectables.
SISU Botox before after photo

Dublin's best lip fillers for young adults

What Lip Filler Treatments Can I Get at SISU?

Likewise, all bespoke lip filler treatments qualify for our special gift to our Ranelagh neighbours.


before after photos remove dark circles


What Dermal Filler Treatments Can I Get at SISU?

In the same way that other injectable treatments are eligible for the 20% off gift, so too do dermal filler treatments. To list:


Liquid Facelift patient makeover - SISU Clinic Dublin

We had a LOT of bookings for Liquid Facelifts after we shared SISU Clinic patient Bernadette’s results!

What Other Injectable Treatments Can I Get at SISU?

Of course we have more! Again, all of these qualify for our 20% off special gift at SISU Clinic Ranelagh in The Triangle, Dublin 6. Specifically:

Don’t forget – SISU also offers monthly instalment payments for nonsurgical, injectable, and clinical skincare treatments.



SISU Clinic Ranelagh Triangle Dublin

Let Melissa introduce you to your SISU doctor for a free consultation at SISU Clinic Ranelagh (Dublin)!

How Do I Book My Treatment at SISU Clinic Ranelagh?

Your SISU patient concierge is on standby to schedule your appointment in our new Ranelagh clinic. But hurry – our grand opening special gifts only last until 31 March, 2019! We offer several ways to book a free consultation and treatment with your SISU doctor. In detail:



What Is SISU Clinic Ranelagh’s Address in Dublin?

You’ll find us in the lovely area known as The Triangle, just up the road from FLYEfit and the Ranelagh Post Office. Our full address is:

SISU Clinic Ranelagh
3 Fields Terrace
Charleston Road
The Triangle
Dublin 6

Map below!

SISU Clinic Ranelagh Dublin location address triangle

Come see us in The Triangle! 3 Fields Terrace, Charleston Road, Dublin 6

We Would Love To Hear From You

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