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Painless and I’m really impressed with the results

I was traveling for work and decided to go to Visage instead of my usual clinic in Dublin and I was super impressed. The doctors were very nice and professional, it was quick, painless and I’m really impressed with the results! I usually get treatment for wrinkles in Dublin and decided to go here instead as I had heard good reviews. I’ll definitely be going back as the results were really great, the best treatment I have had.


SISU before and after skincare


My skin was glowing after the treatment

I visited Visage clinic to get oxygen facial after reading reviews online and I was not disappointed. From start to finish the whole set up was so professional. The facial lasted for over a hour and the facialist was very thorough. My skin was glowing after it. It was a really relaxing experience and I will definitely be returning.


sisu female model facial


The best treatment I have ever had

I had the oxygen facial and it was the best treatment I have ever had. People has been complimenting me since I had the treatment done. I have visited a few clinics before, but heard a lot about this clinic from friends. It most definitely lived up to what my friends had told me and I will most definitely be going back. I really noticed the difference.


SISU Lip Injections

Lip Fillers

I’ve been smiling a lot more recently!

I couldn’t be happier with the treatments that I’ve received at Visage. I was always very self-conscious about my smile because I had a very thin upper lip, but at the same time I didn’t particularly like the idea of getting my lips ‘done’. After my consultation though I was confident that the treatment would be tailored to my face and would be subtle. Since having the treatment the only thing my friends comment on is that I’ve been smiling a lot more recently! I…


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