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Lip Fillers

Really cannot recommend Visage Clinic enough

The lip fillers were relatively painless as there was a numbing cream placed before. Aside from the consultation the actual procedure was about 2/3 minutes and the result was instant and I’m extremely happy with the result Responded to my request in minutes. The person who preformed the procedure was so nice and he was able to answer every question I had about it. He was obviously well trained and he made my lips look amazing. Would definitely recommend this…


SISU Model Lip Injections

Lip Fillers

Very natural but effective

I have had Treatment for wrinkles and lip augmentation done here recently with Brian. I am thrilled with the results. Very natural but effective. I will definitely be going back. I spent a lot of time looking around (including London) and Visage had the best reviews. They didn’t disappoint. They are by far the most professional clinic I have been to. Could not recommend them enough


SISU model lip injections

Lip Fillers

Delighted with results

Got lip fillers at Visage a few weeks ago and chuffed with the results! Spent a good while debating it as I would hate to have looked like certain reality tv stars that went over the top but I got a lovely natural result and couldn’t be happier. The before pic is with lipstick and lipliner, after pic without any makeup at all, they speak for themselves really. Definitely would recommend Visage for their perfectionism, attention to detail and ability to give clien…


SISU Model Lip Injection

Lip Fillers

Made me feel really relaxed

I had lip augmentation done at Visage. I got two tubes, which are €300 but they did a buy one get one half price offer so it ended up being €450, which was very good value. The procedure is really quick (I was in an out in 20 mins which included the consultation!) There is a local anesthetic in the dermal fillers and they also use a topical numbing cream on the lips for anyone worried about it hurting. It was sore but in more of an uncomfortable/ scratchy wa…


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