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SISU Model Armpit Sweat Free

Excessive Sweating

A quick, easy, painless treatment

Thrilled with the result from the hyperhidrosis treatment I received recently. A quick, easy, painless treatment followed up with a review after two weeks. Would highly recommend! A very professional clinic who explained the treatment in great detail. Ensured that I felt relaxed before the treatment. The two week follow up review was also very useful. I Will definitely be going


SISU Male Sweating

Excessive Sweating

Really happy with my experience

I’m a personal trainer and have a tendency to sweat more than most, mainly in my under arm area. I went to this clinic after doing my research about dermal fillers treatment for excessive sweating. The treatment went really well and I’m already seeing great results, it’s really help me feel more comfortable when with my clients and in general. Really happy with my experience, my doctor was very nice and explained everything, i came back for a follow up revi…


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