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Product Spotlight: Alumier MD

September 27, 2018

As doctors specialising in aesthetic treatments, SISU’s medical team is constantly reviewing the newest research and breakthroughs in skincare. This means SISU is your direct route to the best treatments available anywhere in the world.

Yes, that applies to injectable treatments. But it also applies to clinical skincare for at-home use. Because looking and feeling like your best self every day doesn’t start and end in our clinics. Self-care will help you get the most out of every treatment. It will also help you face the world with maximum confidence.

alumierMD clinical skincare range


Clinical Skincare at SISU

One of the innovative brands we’re excited to bring to you is AlumierMD. Like SISU, this is a brand rooted firmly in medicine and science. AlumierMD’s experts have more than 100 years of combined experience in skincare. This expertise includes ingredients, formulations, and cutting-edge delivery systems. Their medical-grade skincare cannot be purchased in shops. AlumierMD is only available from professionals like SISU Clinic.

You may have seen AlumierMD featured in our Instagram Stories Highlights this week. Here are a few of the range’s hero products beloved by SISU doctors and patients alike.

Moisture Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 40 Sunscreen

This tinted SPF is ideal for oily skin, with a formula that both hydrates and mattifies. Packed with antioxidants like knotgrass extract, silybin and caffeine, it protects from free radical damage while giving a healthy glow. Zinc oxide and titanium oxide provide broad-spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

Award-winning AlumierMD AluminEye Brightening Serum

AluminEye Brightening Eye Cream

Another antioxidant-packed product, this little wonder also includes peptides that stimulate collagen and elastin. This, in turn, minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. AluminEye fights puffiness by improving lymphatic drainage. It reduces dark undereye circles with light-reflecting components that give skin that ‘Instagram filter in real life’ look. AluminEye boasts powerful ingredients like niacinamide (vitamin B3), tremella mushroom extract and murumuru butter for moisturised, protected, brighter eyes. An instant pick-me-up that makes you look and feel more awake.

EvenTone Brightening Serum

Very few of us are blessed with skin that is naturally even-toned. Whether uneven skin tone is due to hyperpigmentation, scarring, melasma, sun damage or some other cause, it detracts from one’s look. EvenTone contains balancing peptides, emblica, oyster phoenix mushroom and licorice – ingredients that brighten and balance skin tone. By blocking enzymes necessary for melanin (pigment) production and obliterating existing deposits of excess pigment, EvenTone’s lightweight formula effectively inhibits future hyperpigmentation.

Cleansing with AlumierMD HydraBoost Cleanser

HydraBoost Cream Cleanser

Every skincare routine needs a cleanser that can shift makeup, SPF and everything else a typical day leaves behind on your skin. For that you need formidable ingredients like argan oil, sunflower seed oil and yucca seed extract. These destroy cosmetics and sunscreens, which are all made to stay on your face as long as possible. Skin is left both cleansed and hydrated. Used in the morning, this pH-balanced formulation leaves skin just as smooth and soft as it does in the evening.

Acne Balancing Serum

Outside of a clinic, you might be advised to ‘dry out’ pimples to make them go away. But qualified skincare experts know that acne-prone skin is almost always dehydrated. This lack of moisture and oil leads to scarring and skin discolouration once the eruption is gone. Acne Balancing Serum is formulated to maintain skin’s natural hydrolipid barrier (also sometimes referred to as the ‘acid mantle’), fighting off dehydration while healing skin. Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant ingredients eliminate existing breakouts and redness while helping prevent future spots. Skin is cleansed and exfoliated by an innovative encapsulated salicylic acid (2%). Super-ingredients resveratrol, hinokitiol, niacinamide and sodium hyaluronate protect, hydrate, soothe and fight inflammation.

What Next?

To find out more about the AlumierMD range or to purchase products, send us a note or give us a call. If you’re in Cork, pop into our new clinic at 60 Oliver Plunkett Street to try the products for yourself!

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