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Now Hiring Dublin Front-of-House/Receptionist for SISU Clinic Dublin, Ranelagh

December 29, 2018

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Welcome to SISU Clinic!

The innovation experts at FORA let the news slip when they put SISU on their list of Top Irish Companies to Watch in 2019: SISU is opening new clinics soon! That means outstanding professionals have the opportunity to join one of the hottest ventures in Ireland.

First up: We are now hiring Dublin front-of-house/receptionist candidates for SISU Clinic Ranelagh.


What Role Is Available at SISU Clinic Ranelagh, Dublin?

Firstly, we are hiring for several roles within SISU Clinic in Ranelagh. But here’s why we are now hiring Dublin front-of-house/receptionist candidates.

To start our support team at our newest clinic location, we’re searching for an energetic, warm, extremely capable person to run front-of-house/reception. (Are you a fully experienced beauty therapist in Dublin? We’re hiring those, too! Click here for details.)

The person in this role will have first point of contact with SISU’s patients. We strive to give patients the best possible experience. So their first point of contact with SISU must be superb.  Indeed, the person in this role will play a crucial part in our patients’ satisfaction.


What Does the Role Entail?

To emphasise, this role is pivotal in creating an exceptional patient experience and the smooth day-to-day running of the clinic. You can read the full job spec here. But to list just some of front-of-house/receptionist responsibilities:

  • Warmly greeting our patients and ensuring they are looked after
  • Executing general reception duties with a high degree of accuracy and professionalism
  • Maintaining excellent order of SISU doctors’ patient schedules
  • Answering patients’ queries
  • Booking appointments and taking payments

SISU’s model is patient-centric, meaning our patients are at the centre of everything we do. In short, SISU patients can never be ‘too happy’ with their SISU experience.  The front-of-house/receptionist is a key part of making our patients happy.


SISU patient reviews happy satisfied

Another thrilled SISU patient with the immediate reaction we love to see!


What Kind of Person Does SISU Hire?

Whether it’s one of our clinics’ resident medical doctors, a clinical skincare specialist or retail manager, SISU team members have several traits in common:

  • Firstly, we are all laser-focused on exceeding patients’ expectations.
  • Secondly, we all recognise that the entire SISU team plays a role in building trusting doctor/patient relationships.
  • Thirdly, all of us are energised and inspired by the transformations we see our patients experience. We are thrilled for them, and grateful to be part of their metamorphoses.
  • Finally, we know that showing genuine warmth is hugely important. Being friendly is not optional; it’s who we are.

In short, SISU is more than work to us. This is a meaningful opportunity to help people boost their confidence, hold themselves in higher esteem, and realise exactly how much they are capable of achieving. Plus you get paid a competitive salary with generous employee discounts and other perks.

Sound like an amazing way to spend your days? Take it from all of us – it is! Click here to read the full job spec and to apply online.


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