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Nonsurgical Treatment Free Bonus: Double Points!

December 5, 2018

Nonsurgical treatment free bonus - SISU Clinic at Christmas for womenNonsurgical treatment free bonus? No, it’s not too good to be true! Because the doctors at SISU Aesthetic Clinics want to give you a special Christmas gift.

Undoubtedly, it’s been an amazing year for SISU. Of course we want to say thank you! So how about the chance to earn DOUBLE points you can use to pay for future treatments?

All you need is a free SISU Loyalty Club membership. Don’t have yours yet? No worries – it’s easy to get. More on that below.

While we’re tucking into the Christmas turkey, stuffing and mince pies, we’re already thinking about whipping ourselves into shape come January 1. ‘New year, new you’ is an annual theme for good reason! Now, SISU is going to make it easy for you.


What Is the SISU Nonsurgical Treatment Free Bonus?

Til 31 December, 2018, we’ve got a treat for you. So here are the details:

So our nonsurgical treatment free bonus is just that easy!


Botox before after photos Dublin clinic Cork Killarney doctors

How Can I Spend My SISU Loyalty Club Points?

christmas wedding bridal botoxCan I Pay For Botox With SISU Points?

In short: Yes!

Botox is SISU’s most popular treatment. Women and men absolutely love it. In fact, we have many couples who come in for Botox together!

Because Botox removes wrinkles and fine lines, it’s very popular. Indeed, the benefits of Botox injections make a long list. Also, there are many other surprising uses for Botox.

To list just a few Botox treatments you can pay for with SISU Loyalty Club points:


SISU Model Lip Fillers

Can I Pay For Lip Fillers With SISU Points?


Lip fillers are a massively in-demand treatment. You’d be surprised how many people have lip fillers. That’s because the best lip fillers are not extremely obvious!

Any lip fillers can be paid for with SISU points. Lip fillers from SISU are always bespoke. Our doctors create the most flattering look for your unique face. For example:

dermal fillers in Dublin from SISU, blonde female patient

Can I Pay For Dermal Filler Treatments With SISU Points?

By all means! You can pay for any dermal filler treatments with SISU points.

Dermal fillers add volume and clear wrinkles. Want more details? SISU’s doctors recently gave their answers to dermal fillers questions from our patients.

In the meantime, here are a few of the dermal filler treatments you can buy with your SISU points. To list:


Can I Buy Other Popular Injectable Treatments with SISU Points?

Of course! In fact, check out the list below. These are just a few more of the cutting-edge nonsurgical treatments you can get. SISU points can be redeemed for all of them!


laser hair removal dublin - nonsurgical treatment clinic

Can I Buy Clinical Skincare Treatments with SISU Points?

To repeat: Yes!

SISU Clinic’s patients also love our treatments that are not injectables. Particularly, we have much demand for the following:

nonsurgical treatment free bonus - dermal fillers clinic dublin cork

How Can I Get My SISU Nonsurgical Treatment Free Bonus?

  • In short, there is no limit on the double points you can earn.
  • So book as many treatments as you’d like! Just make sure to book online only.
  • But you don’t already have a free SISU Loyalty Club account? No worries. In that case, you can get one when you come for treatment.
  • When you book, mention the nonsurgical treatment free bonus.
  • Each treatment you have will earn DOUBLE points on your account!
  • Finally, you must book via the SISU Clinic online booking form by 31 December, 2018 to get this nonsurgical treatment free bonus. So get to it!

Which Treatments Will Earn Me Double Points?


nonsurgical treatments injectable clinic dublin corkWhen Can I Redeem My SISU Double Points Bonus?

In brief…starting now! It couldn’t be easier:

Never been to SISU but still want to take advantage of the SISU Loyalty Club nonsurgical treatment free bonus? Just book your appointment online and your SISU patient concierge will take good care of you!

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