Marionette Lines

Marionette Lines

Just as marionettes have distinct ridges where the puppeteer controls their mouths by wire, many of us develop prominent lines descending from the corners of our mouths. These lines get deeper and more severe as we age, as well as causing smaller, yet noticeable, lines and wrinkles to form around the primary, deepest vertical ridges. A progressive development, marionette lines only get more severe with time.

Marionette Chair
Marionette Girl

Are marionette lines inevitable?

Everyone's skin is different, though commonalities in human facial structure make some afflictions more common than others. A tendency to develop marionette lines can be inherited genetically. Many people experience such developments due to smoking, tanning, dehydration and poor diet. The result is the same: obvious loss of firmness and volume, accompanied by preventable wrinkles.

How can I get rid of marionette lines?

Preventative placement of dermal fillers can keep marionette lines from developing indefinitely. Dermal fillers can also replace lost volume to lines that have already started to form or are firmly in place. Reversing the sagging, downturned orientation of the mouth is crucial to diminishing marionette lines - a challenge dermal fillers were made for.

How long does treatment last?

In fact, the plumping, youth-restoring results of dermal fillers for marionette lines last from nine to 12 months on average. As dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the body, your body will gradually reabsorb it over time. Due to the nature of this treatment, patients can expect to see even better results with repeated application of dermal fillers.

Marionette Treatment

Does the treatment hurt?

Application of dermal fillers for marionette lines are both painless and quick. SISU's doctors have years of training in ensuring minimum discomfort with any and all treatments, and dermal fillers are no different. We use sophisticated injection techniques, as well as dermal fillers that contain local anaesthetic agents.

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*Time scales quoted are based on averages and results are subjective and both may vary from person to person*
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