Reach peak masculine form with personalised treatment

Botox can improve a man's appearance dramatically. SISU’s Mantox treatment redefines the existing masculine form, restoring the freshness and vitality gradually lost over the years. Mantox is tailored for each man’s specific facial structure and concerns.

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The masculine difference of Botox for men

The basic anatomy of the male face differs significantly from that of women. SISU's physicians have years of experience producing superb results for men's particular muscle mass and muscle fibre patterns. Our doctor-customised Mantox treatment will leave you looking rested, relaxed, invigorated - and like the best, most energised version of yourself.

Achieve a rugged, youthful, natural look - and a whole new confidence

More than ever, men are feeling tired of looking old and tired. With intense pressures at work and at home, there’s no mystery why more than 30% of our patients are men. Like you, they remember the rugged, youthful look they once had - and they want it back.

Mantox - SISU’s Botox for men treatment - is the most popular route to achieving these natural, refreshed, youthful results. Skin is rejuvenated, harsh lines softened, and visible signs of ageing are diminished. Externally, you’re revived and looking better than ever. Internally, you’re confident, energised, and feeling better than ever.

What kind of man gets Botox?

Men like you get Botox. Here’s what they get out of it.

Those who spend significant amounts of time with clients, running work teams, and in business meetings gain the confidence of knowing they are presenting themselves at top form, especially with younger colleagues. Men who had become accustomed to looking permanently exhausted now look in the mirror and see their masculine vitality restored. No longer do they wonder what happened to the youthful, energised man they used to be - because that’s who they have returned to being. Peak masculine form, once attained, is not something they (or you) will give up.

Mantox Procedure

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*Time scales quoted are based on averages and results are subjective and both may vary from person to person*
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