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Macho Mouth: The Rise of Male Lip Injections

August 31, 2018

When it comes to lip goals, women have Kylie Jenner, Angelina Jolie and Priyanka Chopra. Increasingly, men are looking in envy at their own male lip idols: Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt and Harry Styles, among others.

As with anti-wrinkle treatments for men, referred to as ‘Mantox’ or ‘Brotox,’ a male-specific naming convention has emerged for lip augmentation. In pursuit of what the industry is calling ‘Macho Mouth,’ growing numbers of men getting lip injections – AKA ‘men-jections’ or ‘man-jections’ of lip fillers.

While women often seek lip filler injections to redress the balance between a thin upper and more plump lower lip, men are likely to pursue the inverse. A prominent lower lip has taken on a tough but sensual quality believed to be attractive to men’s romantic partners (and prospective partners). This perception has grown more popular in parallel with the rise of male celebrities who display these lip proportions. Tom Hardy, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, James Franco, Alexander Skarsgård, Jamie Dornan, Kellan Lutz, Ansel Elgort and Henry Cavill are frequently namechecked by men chasing after their perfect pout.

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More influential than actors might be the rise of a picture-heavy culture in the age of social media. Between selfies, dating app profiles and our friends’ social media feeds, men and women alike have an unprecedented opportunity to analyse and obsess over the smallest details of how the world sees them.

Some men, though, have always been aware of their lack of lip volume. In the case of SISU patient Paul Mac, an award-winning specialist barber, he’d had a lifetime to feel self-conscious about his. But as his career grew more successful and required him to be photographed more often, Paul only got more frustrated by his appearance. “I bloody hated it – only so much Photoshop can fix,” he says. He finally booked a free consultation with a SISU doctor to explore our clinics’ lip fillers for men.

After just one lip fillers treatment, Paul got the macho mouth he was after. Achieving “an unbelievable natural result” thanks to his SISU doctor came just in time for an appearance on a UK reality show, an awards ceremony in America, and Paul’s upcoming wedding. Now, he says, he’s going into all of these events – and every day – as his best-looking, most confident self.
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Want to get a more masculine, sexy ‘Macho Mouth’ for yourself? Click here to book online and let SISU’s doctors give you the full lips you’ve always wanted.

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