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Lip Fillers: The Perfect Pout

August 3, 2018

Thanks to celebrities like Kylie Jenner, lip fillers have become well-known as the holy grail to attaining a plump, perfect pout. Whether you have thin lips, age-related thinning lips, or just think lip augmentation would help you achieve your best appearance, knowledge is power in the realm of lip enhancement.

Lip Fillers: The Basics You Need to Know

Lip fillers are:

  • Safe (when administered by a qualified, highly-skilled doctor)
  • Powerful for increasing the symmetry and fullness of thin lips
  • Effective at restoring volume to age-related thinning lips
  • Ideal for improving the profile, smoothness, and definition of lips
  • Perfect for creating more flattering, shapely lips
  • Impressive at increasing overall facial symmetry, a key to reaching peak beauty
  • Derived from pure hyaluronic acid, something our bodies produce naturally
  • Sustainable – regular application prevents reversion to thin lips


Lip Fillers: Eliminating Unnecessary Risk

We’ve all seen horror stories of ‘trout pout’ when lip fillers are administered by someone lacking the credentials and skill to do the best, safest job. This is one reason why you should only go to a medical doctor for lip fillers. The botched results from an unqualified provider will require a doctor to fix them. Save yourself the pain, upset, and extra costs associated: Only go to a highly-skilled, qualified medical doctor for lip fillers. (No, a dentist doesn’t count.) You should always be treated as a patient, not a customer.

The Perfect Pout, No Exaggeration

Most of us are familiar with the over-the-top look favoured by some celebrities and Instagram personalities. While this can certainly be attractive, what you might not realise is that the most expertly fillers don’t stand out as obviously augmented. So while you might notice a woman’s full lips and perfect pout, you won’t necessarily know that she’s had fillers when the look is more natural and less OTT.

But many women are seeking the pillowy pout they admire on Kylie Jenner or Angelina Jolie. Even this plump, full look will have to be personalised for your unique facial structure. Cut and paste works perfectly for writing documents, but not for helping you achieve your very best look!

Again, a qualified medical doctor will ensure you never end up with cartoon-like lips that will prevent you from reaching your peak attractiveness. Bespoke is best, and you should settle for nothing less.

lip fillers before after makeover

More Natural Than You Might Think

Lips are filled with injections of pure hyaluronic acid. This substance occurs naturally in our bodies and can hold 1000 times its weight in water – making it ideal for plumping and defining your lips. Because hyaluronic acid is a material produced by our own bodies, lip injections do not cause allergic reactions.

Immediate, Lasting Results

Lip fillers start working immediately. While you may experience slight swelling in the initial hours after your injections, this is natural. It will subside within 12 hours. Again, as the fillers are comprised of pure hyaluronic acid – something your body is very familiar with, as it produces this substance itself – allergic reactions are not a risk factor. You can expect the results of high-quality, medically-administered lip fillers to last from six months to one year.


Ongoing Results: Collagen Supercharge

Lip fillers are collagen progenitors, meaning they stimulate your body’s production of this key component to youthful, voluminous skin. Collagen is a protein that makes lips (and all skin) firm and supple. Unfortunately, the body produces less collagen the older we get. Add a lifetime of sun exposure and you get sagging, wrinkled lips. Lip fillers not only give ageing lips a boost of volume and definition, plumping them from within – they also kickstart a higher level of collagen production in your body.

Getting the Perfect Pout

If you’re in Cork, Dublin or Killarney and fancy seeing the best version of yourself every day, you can pop into one of SISU’s clinics and – at no charge to you – one of our doctors will advise you on the approach to lip fillers that will produce the most flattering look for you. If you’d like to pursue that perfect pout, you can call us on (021) 427-9438, book SISU online, or click the blue Book Now button on the SISU Facebook page


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