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Bank Holiday Beauty: Last Minute Prep

May 30, 2018

One thing you can be sure of is that your bank holiday will be Snapped, Instagrammed, Facebooked, and subject to a whole lot of candid photos. Combine this with an extended boozy break and the results can be rather cringeworthy. Waking up to see yourself all over social media, looking worse for wear, is one of the hazards of those three days of carefree fun.

We’re less than one week out from the June bank holiday. So what can you do to get ready for it ASAP?

Two treatments that will have you looking your youthful best are Botox and dermal fillers. Neither of these require any down time, so you can have them on your lunch break or after work before heading into your relaxing weekend. (Bonus: Right now, to celebrate SISU’s launch, you can get three areas of Botox and 1ml of dermal filler for just €450. That’s a huge savings from the regular €600. Click here for more details on our SISU Signature package. If you’re one of our many male patients who love SISU’s Botox for men treatments, you can take advantage of this special pricing too!)

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, SISU’s Botox for excessive sweating can help avoid embarrassing photographic evidence of this surprisingly commonplace condition. You can expect to notice significant reduction in sweating within one week of treatment. Even better, the results last for around six months, which will see you through all of summer’s social occasions, trips abroad and brutal heat.

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Some treatments shouldn’t be performed right before a sunny break. Your next chemical peel should wait until after those three days of outdoor fun. Sloughing away all those dead, dull cells to expose that fresh, younger skin will do wonders for your complexion. But as these treatments make skin especially photosensitive, it’s best to hold off, lest you suffer a sunburn and throw your skin out of balance. (Let’s be honest: Very few of us are thinking about reapplying our SPF every two hours once we’ve had a few drinks.)

That said, a chemical peel or other facial is an excellent way to shed the after-effects of all those late nights and dehydrating alcohol. Book one as a recovery treatment to get rid of that exhausted look and restore your glow.

To go into the bank holiday with maximum confidence in your appearance (and to avail yourself of our special pricing on Botox and fillers), book a free consultation with one of our doctors. SISU’s highly-skilled, qualified aesthetic physicians will give you a personal assessment, tailoring any treatment to your unique facial anatomy and your desired results, explaining the treatment in full, and answering all of your questions. Click here to book your free consultation appointment today.

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