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Kylie Jenner Skincare Backlash

June 6, 2019

kylie jenner embarrassedKylie Jenner’s skincare line is the latest addition to the young beauty billionaire’s product portfolio. First it was Kylie Lip Kits and Kylie Cosmetics. Not only have these been massive hits, but also sold out many times over. So when Kylie Skin was announced, expectations were high. But as soon as product details were shared, there was an instant Kylie Jenner skincare backlash. And that was before the negative reviews started flowing.


Why the Kylie Jenner Skincare Backlash?

Of course some products in the Kylie Jenner skincare line did sell out. But many others have not. Kylie and her team have also been accused of posting fake reviews of her skincare line. Additionally, Kylie’s being called a scammer and getting dragged over her cleanser and cleansing tutorial.


What’s more, one Kylie Skin product in particular provoked fury from beauty bloggers and skincare experts as soon as it was announced. The reviews are in and all we can say is: Oof.

Kylie Skin Walnut Face Scrub got slammed hard and fast before it even went on sale. The reason: Walnut shards, no matter how small, literally tear the skin. Those rips in the dermis might be tiny or even invisible to the naked eye. But they are there.


All in all, cutting your skin is one of the worst things you can do to it!



kylie jenner walnut scrub skincare backlash

Kylie claims she uses this abrasive scrub EVERY DAY!

What Damage Will Kylie Skin Walnut Face Scrub Cause?

To be sure, the ramifications of using this aggressive product are drastic. Most importantly, no skin type is immune from all this damage. Specifically:


  • First of all, tears and cuts in your face allow bacteria to enter very easily
  • Secondly, this penetration enables acne and other skin afflictions
  • Additionally, sensitive skin becomes even more sensitised
  • Due to these rips in the skin, dehydration and dryness can be both caused and made worse
  • Then, skin is prematurely aged
  • What’s more, all skin types can suffer these ramifications
  • Finally, dermal vulnerability does long term as well as short term damage
To sum up, Kylie’s walnut face scrub is far too risky to use.


Kylie Jenner Skincare Backlash: Sample Reactions

Hundreds of shocked, intense reactions reflect just how upset dermatologists, aestheticians, skincare bloggers and consumers are about Kylie Skin Walnut Face Scrub. When they say this product will destroy skin, it’s no exaggeration. To list just a few sample reactions:


In short: You get one face. Treat it accordingly!

SISU Clinical Skincare Belfast clinic team

SISU Clinical Skincare’s Belfast team is ready for you!

Which Clinical Treatments Work Better Than Kylie’s Walnut Scrub?

In-clinic, our superstar SISU Clinical Skincare teams in Belfast, Cork, Dublin and Killarney are qualified to give some of the most cutting-edge, exfoliating treatments available. These can only be given in a clinical setting by expert aestheticians with full qualifications. Specifically:


  • Laser skin treatments are unparalleled in their ability to reveal fresher, younger skin. The powerful exfoliation from laser skin rejuvenation can erase hyperpigmentation, scars (including surgical and acne scars), melasma, sun damage, age spots, rosacea and more. (Your first laser skin treatment at SISU is always free!)
  • Chemical peels are impressive at diminishing skin discolouration and unevenness. In combination with laser skin treatments, SISU patients also see remarkable elimination of acne.
  • Microdermabrasion  simultaneously removes dead skin and vacuums it away for a fast treatment with amazing cumulative effects with regular treatment.
  • Oxygen facials give an immediate glow by eliminating dead skin while also infusing fresh skin with oxygen for stunning, insant results.


What Products Work Better Than Kylie Skin Walnut Face Scrub?

Belfast best laser clinic skin scars acne

SISU laser skin treatment continues to transform Laura’s skin

The ingredients are fairly cheap, so the profits Kylie Jenner makes on her walnut scrub are higher than if she had introduced a safer, more effective exfoliant. Cheeky! High quality ingredients produce both better results and treat your skin much more luxuriously.

So what’s a better alternative to a scrub? Compared to such rough physical exfoliators, chemical exfoliants are more gentle and effective. Some of our SISU Clinical Skincare team’s favourite at-home products include:
In short: Skip the Kylie skincare (and her sister Kim Kardashian’s skincare routine). Go for effective, gentle products and you’ll never have to fall victim to the celebrity Photoshop fails the Jenners and Kardashians do!


How to Book Clinical Skincare Treatments at SISU

Firstly, your SISU patient concierge is always on standby for you. So we offer several ways to book at our five clinics in Belfast, Cork, Dublin and Killarney. Here’s how:

SISU Aesthetic Clinic Locations

  • BELFAST – 63 Ann Street, Belfast, BT1, 4EE (MAP)
  • CORK – 60 Oliver Plunkett Street (MAP)
  • DUBLIN – 15 South Anne Street, Dublin 2 (MAP)
  • DUBLIN (Ranelagh) –  3 Fields Terrace, Charleston Road, The Triangle, Dublin 6 (MAP)
  • KILLARNEY – Old Town Hall, Market Street, Killarney (MAP)

Again, you can book online via SISU’s online booking form or call your SISU patient concierge on 1890 998 948 (Ireland) or 028 9575 7974 (Belfast) to get your free consultation with one of our medical doctors.

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