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Lip Fillers for Men: When Paul Met SISU

August 15, 2018
"I bloody hated it - only so much Photoshop can fix." That's how award-winning specialist barber Paul Mac says he felt about his thin lips.

An innovative stylist and men's grooming expert, he's won five world titles and 20 awards for his talents and skill and has a faithful fan base online and around the globe. Yet Paul has spent years feeling self-conscious about his lips. Comments envying Kylie Jenner's lips and memes poking fun at thin lips only made it worse.

With a UK reality show appearance, an awards ceremony in America and his wedding coming up, Paul finally did something about the thin lips he'd always wished were more full, taking a leaf out of Kylie's book: Paul came to SISU.

Paul Mac Special lips before after

How did it go? Paul is thrilled with what he called "an unbelievable natural result" with his lip fillers treatment. Finally, he can feel his best, most confident self in the spotlight. As he gains more recognition and is presented with even more career opportunities, he's got the lips he'd always wanted. Now Kylie's got nothing on him!

Want to be as delighted with your lips as Paul is with his? Our Lip Fillers with Friends special lets you bring as many friends to SISU as you want - and you'll all get 1ml of lip filler for a discounted price of only €270 each. Click here to book online and let SISU's doctors give you the full lips you've always wanted! See below for more photos of Paul's transformation. 

Paul Mac Lips Results Pics

Paul Mac Special lips before after pics

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