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Treatment Spotlight: Profhilo

August 24, 2018
There is no shortage of nonsurgical aesthetic treatments being hailed as 'revolutionary' or 'game changers'. Rarely has the talk about a new treatment been as massive and positive as the buzz about Profhilo. But is it justified?

Put simply, yes. Profhilo lives up to its reputation for lifting and tightening skin, diminishing skin laxity and more. That's why SISU Aesthetic Clinic added this injectable wonder to our treatments as soon as it was made available in Ireland. First, here's what Profhilo does and how it works.
looking young in your 40s

Profhilo accomplishes multiple feats for skin. Among them, Profhilo:
  • Significantly reduces skin laxity
  • Makes skin remarkably more firm
  • Restores volume to sagging and sunken areas
  • Tightens skin for a more taut, youthful appearance
  • Stimulates production of four types of collagen and elastin
  • Infuses skin with boosted hydration for a fresher look and feel
  • Can be used preventatively to avoid loss of volume and dullness
  • Imparts radiance to the skin, giving the face a beautiful, glowing appearance
  • Is superb at treating multiple areas, including the body: face, neck, décolletage (cleavage and lower neck), arms, knees and hands.  
What is Profhilo? A first-of-its-kind injectable treatment to address skin laxity and loss of collagen, Profhilo is comprised of a natural, stabilised substance produced by the human body: hyaluronic acid. The product's high-tech formula links the hyaluronic acid chains to prevent them being broken down by the body at the usual rate. This creates a longer lasting treatment using cutting-edge technology to maximise the power of an entirely natural liquid our bodies already manufacture. For those who prefer natural to synthetic materials in treatments, Profhilo is a game-changing option.
As a product, Profhilo's innovative composition means it can accomplish three impressive feats of rejuvenation:
  1. Acting as 'scaffolding' to lift, tighten and firm the skin
  2. Restoring lost volume, hydrating and smoothing skin
  3. Stimulating the production of four types of collagen and elastin, the building blocks of healthy, youthful, fresh kin
In addition to restoring volume and giving more mature skin its most youthful appearance, Profhilo is also used as a preventative treatment to avoid loss of volume and dull skin. As the body's natural production of collagen and elastin falls dramatically from age 30, Profhilo is ideal for patients across the age spectrum.

Vibrant woman 40s
In the case of the neck, décolletage, arms, knees and hands, these are often-neglected areas exposed to the sun and not treated as carefully as the face. The contrast between a relatively youthful-looking face and wrinkled, saggy, lax skin in these other areas can be startling. Profhilo is excellent at restoring plumpness, smoothness, and tightness to all of them.


Profhilo is comprised of two treatments, spaced at four to six weeks apart. During these treatments, a trained doctor uses advanced techniques and ultra-fine needles to expertly inject Profhilo into strategic points within your target areas. These may include the face, neck, décolletage, arms, knees and hands - all areas where Profhilo produces superb results.
looking young in your 40s and 50s

You can expect slight redness at injection points in the moments following the treatment, but this quickly disappears. There is some risk of temporary bruising, which can last three to four days. Makeup can be applied to conceal any bruising along the injection site within 12 hours.
Typically, Profhilo lasts from six to 12 months. This varies depending on your age, lifestyle (eg smoking, sunbathing, lack of sleep) and degree of correction required.
Interested in enjoying Profhilo's stunning results? Click here to book your free consultation with your own SISU Aesthetic Clinic doctor and see if it is a suitable treatment for you. We'd love to show you why Profhilo lives up to the hype - and how it can transform your appearance.

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