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Lip Fillers

SISU Gave Lioba Her Lips Back

August 23, 2018
When Lioba came to SISU, she told us her top lip would disappear whenever she smiled. This is something our doctors hear a lot from patients, and is a main reason why men get lip fillers too.

Lioba just wanted more voluminous lips that would still look natural - nothing over the top. Hear her open up about that vanishing upper lip and see her lip makeover results from lip filler injections. Lioba will tell you exactly how she feels about her new look! 

Want to get your own upper lip back? You can book via our online form and meet with a SISU doctor for a free consultation. Come on - let us put a smile on your face! ‚Äč

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Lip Fillers
Lip Fillers
Lip Fillers

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