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The Truth About SISU

May 19, 2018
When SISU Aesthetic Clinic took the wrappers off this website on Friday, it was probably obvious to all what we do here: non-surgical aesthetic treatments, all performed by highly-skilled, experienced medical doctors, built around a bespoke patient pathway for everyone who comes to our clinics.

But we've been holding out on you.

So here's a bit more of the SISU story.

Four years ago, two brothers - both qualified medical doctors - saw an opportunity to change the status quo in aesthetic medicine. Dr James Cotter and Dr Brian Cotter were shocked by the trend of providers with zero medical training (let alone medical degrees or qualifications) performing Botox, lip fillers, and other non-surgical procedures. Even more shocking was how many people were putting their faces, and their health, at risk by flocking to these extremely risky providers.

Something had to change.

Drs Cotter created a first-of-its-kind approach to aesthetic medicine, under the name Visage Clinics. The doctors spent four years trialling, refining, and perfecting their model in three Irish cities: Cork, Dublin and Killarney.

Now, this innovative practice has launched under the SISU Aesthetic Clinic brand, with the mission to bring our doctor-led, patient-centric model to more people in more locations - in Ireland, the UK, Europe and beyond.

Within SISU's innovative framework, people are treated like patients, not clients. Patients are empowered with complete information and a trusting doctor/patient relationship where appointments are never rushed and their doctor takes genuine interest in understanding the patient's aesthetic desires, wants and concerns - now and for the long-term. Their SISU physician then designs a bespoke patient pathway, personalised for each individual, to produce the best results for their specific needs. Throughout all this, the patient is treated with highest-quality continuous care that's unprecedented in the aesthetic medicine space.

The response from patients has been phenomenal. Women and men in our clinics often tell us they've never had a medical experience quite like what they get at SISU. Never before have doctors taken the time to get to know them or sought insight how their aesthetic goals fit into the bigger picture of their lives.

When people experience a model for aesthetic medicine that's about them - not about the provider grabbing as much of their cash as they can get and rushing them in and out without more than a minute or two of 'consultation' - it is a revelation. Once patients come to SISU, they can't and won't go back to the 'assembly line' providers.

Likewise, people who have never had aesthetic treatments and are exploring their options enthuse to us about the reassurance and confidence they get from the SISU approach. With doctors who give full information about treatments, answer any and all questions, and create bespoke patient pathways to help achieve their aesthetic goals, SISU's patients know they are making informed decisions with the guidance of experienced doctors with their total wellbeing in mind.

So we're doing more here than just helping people present the best version of themselves to the world. SISU is bringing a level of care and quality to aesthetic medicine that is desperately needed.

We’re so passionate about bringing about this change that we named our new brand SISU - a Finnish word that cannot be fully translated, but the meaning of which includes resilience, perseverance, tenacity, determination, strength of will, and acting rationally in the face of adversity.

Sisu is not fleeting courage, but the ability to sustain your courage. That’s the mode we’ve been in for the past four years: Learning as much as we could about patients’ unmet needs and desires, and refining our model to meet those needs, while literally thousands of other aesthetic providers went the other way.

And if other clinics finally realise the error of their ways and 'rip off' our painstakingly created, tested, and refined model? That's a good thing. We wish them well in improving on it - if they can. All patients in the marketplace will benefit, as we see the SISU model forcing other providers to step up their game - or lose patients to providers who put the patient at the centre of everything they do, just as SISU does. So copy away, lads!

If you want an aesthetic treatment provider setting the global standard for quality of results and patient care, SISU is here for you. Soon we'll be there for many more people in more places.

Thank you for joining us on our mission to transform aesthetic medicine into the best it can be. Just as SISU empowers our patients to present the best version of themselves to the world, we won't rest until we achieve our highest goals for the way aesthetic medicine is practiced - in Ireland and around the world.

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