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Should You Give Your Dad Botox for Father's Day?

June 06, 2018
If you're really putting a lot of thought into it, coming up with the perfect Father's Day gift can be a bit of a struggle. Sure, a bottle of whiskey or a new shirt and a nice card would be appreciated. But those aren't really going to change his life, are they? (Unless he drinks the whole bottle of whiskey in one go and has some 'adventures' afterward.)

Something he might want but not be willing to ask for? Botox. It could also be that he doesn't realise what Mantox can do for him, but would be completely sold if he did.

At SISU, more than 30 percent of our patients are men. With them, Botox is the most popular treatment. You might be surprised at the kind of men who come to us for Mantox. They come from a wide range of ages, occupations, and attitudes toward how they look. Some of them won't even wear a scented aftershave, but they'll get Botox because of the massive difference it makes in their confidence - especially at work.

One of the biggest motivations for our Mantox patients is the pressure they feel at work. As men are now retiring much later in life than they traditionally have, they are even more keen to be perceived as in their prime. Their colleagues keep getting younger, and the perception of being the 'granddad' of the office doesn't sit well with most men.

In many cases, our male patients' wives are the ones who bring them in for Botox. They know the difference it's made for their self-esteem and want to give the same gift to their husbands.

Another reason men like to have Botox as a present: It gives them 'permission' to have a treatment they've wanted for a while, but have needed the extra push to do.

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'Mantox' isn't just how we package Botox for men. SISU's physicians have been using Botox for years to restore men's peak masculine form. They produce excellent results for men's particular muscle mass and muscle fibre patterns. Patients leave looking relaxed, well-rested, and invigorated - looking and feeling like the best version of themselves.

Even better: Botox has no downtime. A man can come in on his lunch break or after work, and go right back to the office or work site. No one will be any the wiser.

You know your dad better than we do. But if he could use a confidence boost and a solution for his tired appearance, SISU's team of doctors is here for him. With the gift of Botox for men, you can look out for him too.

Want to get your dad (or husband) in for Botox? Just leave a message on our contact form and someone will respond to you ASAP. (We can give you a printed gift voucher to hand over on Father's Day, too.) When your father comes in, SISU's highly-skilled, qualified aesthetic physicians will give him a personal assessment, tailoring any treatment to his unique facial anatomy and desired results. They will explain the treatment in full, answering all his questions. Click here to purchase the best Father's Day gift your dad has ever had. 

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