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A Man and His Botox: Mantox Before and After Photos

August 10, 2018
Yesterday you saw the video of what happened when roofer Michael, 37, came to SISU to diminish the deep grooves on his face. Now, here are some comparison photos to show his transformation.

Notice that, before his Mantox (Botox for men) treatment, Michael's forehead wrinkles were very deep when he raised his eyebrows. After his antiwrinkle injections, the muscles in Michael's forehead are so relaxed that it is simply not possible for him to recreate these wrinkles - no matter how hard he tries!

Is it any wonder hundreds of blokes like Michael have come to us for men's Botox injections

botox for men before after SISU

Michael is delighted with how those deep grooves across his face have been diminished thanks to Mantox from SISU. Want to see that difference on your own face with antiwrinkle injections? Call 1890-99-89-48,  send us a WhatsApp messageemail [email protected]click here, or go to SISU Clinics' FB page to book your free consultation with your SISU doctor.

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