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Love Island Driving 200% Surge in Lip Fillers Demand

July 04, 2018


The "Love Island Effect": SISU Clinics See 200% Surge in Demand for Lip Fillers

Popular reality TV show and star Megan Barton-Hanson have also driven 35% total treatment bookings for men

July 4, 2018
DUBLIN-SISU Clinics, a chain of doctor-led aesthetic clinics in Ireland, has seen a massive increase in demand for lip fillers, Botox, dermal fillers and other nonsurgical treatments - driven in large part by fan favourite Love Island.

By the numbers:
  • 200% surge in bookings for lip fillers across SISU's Dublin, Cork and Killarney clinics
  • More than 35% of these bookings are from men for "Mantox" (Botox for men), marking a 5% increase in SISU's steady 30% male patient base.
"Pop culture personalities tend to pique interest in certain treatments," says SISU CEO Pat Phelan. "But the Love Island phenomenon is on a whole new level. The increase in patients booking off the back of the show is astonishing. Women of all ages are looking for that Megan Barton-Hanson look - full lips, smooth skin, perfect nose. Men are impressed by the male contestants, so they are also driving SISU's bookings with male patients."

So popular is the show with SISU's patients that the clinic is now offering a Love Island Package. This includes three areas of Botox and 1ml lip fillers for €450. Patients can also add nonsurgical rhinoplasty (nose job) to the special package for €350.

"As the market for aesthetic treatments continues to boom, consumers are eager to be treated as individual patients and given access to innovative cosmetic treatments," Phelan said. "SISU's clinics exist to meet that demand, whether it's driven by Love Island or the natural desire to put one's best face forward."

Those interested in booking a free consultation with a SISU doctor may call (021) 427-9438, book on SISU's website or book on Facebook.
SISU Clinics are a chain of doctor-led, patient-centric cosmetic medicine practices. SISU's doctors perform nonsurgical aesthetic treatments based on patients' unique needs, desires, and individual physiology. SISU was created in collaboration between veteran start-up founder and CEO Pat Phelan, as well as Dr James Cotter and Dr Brian Cotter. SISU's aesthetic clinic model is based on four years of the Drs Cotters' practical development and testing in its Cork, Dublin, and Killarney clinics. For more see

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