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Lip Fillers

Natural, Beautiful Lip Fillers

August 21, 2018
When this patient came to SISU, she was looking for the full, plump pout she'd always wanted. In a few minutes, her SISU doctor had granted her wish. In her words: "Oh my God, they're perfect! I love them!" In fact, she said that twice!

lip augmentation before after photo

Reminder: Don't forget our promotion, Lip Fillers with Friends, on now. Bring as many friends as you want and you'll all get lip fillers at the discounted price of €270 for 1ml!

Come in and let us make you as happy as this patient is! Just click here and one of our Patient Concierges will arrange your free consultation with a SISU doctor of your own. 

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Lip Fillers
Lip Fillers
Lip Fillers

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