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How to Get a Nose Job Without Surgery

July 03, 2018
Ever since we can probably remember, there have been whispers about celebrities having drastic, disastrous rhinoplasty and endless speculation as to whether some other famous person had or hadn't gotten a nose job. It's hard to remember a time when we didn't know that altering the nose requires surgery.
But now, it doesn't.
You may have never heard of a nose job that requires no surgery. But SISU's doctors are experts in reshaping, recontouring, and remoulding the nose without touching a scalpel.
It's not magic: It's science.

nose job rhinoplasty nonsurgical fillers

Thanks to advanced techniques and dermal fillers, what used to require a major op is now a lunch hour appointment with no downtime.

With non-surgical rhinoplasty, SISU's doctors use precisely positioned dermal filler injections to make the nose more symmetrical, align contours, and erase deep grooves. In less time than it takes you to eat a sandwich at your desk (about 15 minutes), you've got a new nose with only minimal discomfort and zero downtime. No bandages or major swelling that will keep you cooped up indoors for weeks.
If you'd like to find out whether your idea of the perfect nose could be achieved with SISU's techniques and dermal fillers, one of our doctors would be delighted to meet with you for a free consultation. Just call 021-4279438 or click here to book an appointment at one of SISU's clinics in Dublin, Cork, or Killarney. 

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