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Facials: Why 'Cheap and Cheerful' is Actually Dear and Dreadful

May 17, 2018

Traditional facials are a bit like manicures and pedicures: You can get them from a lot of spas and salons, but the results are highly variable and the price is rarely a bargain. And when it is, it's always a warning: Run as quickly as your unpainted toes can carry you!

Protip: Not all facials are created equal.

Even the most expensive facials, from the poshest spas and salons, can be disappointing or downright disastrous. While there is certainly a short-term impact to be had (in the hands of the right qualified professional, that is), traditional facials leave a lot to be desired. If you've ever spent a day or two with angry, red skin or a face full of spots following a facial, you know how unpredictable the results can be. (Does redness count as 'vibrance'?)

The truth is, the methods behind traditional facials have minimal effectiveness and have been outdated for years. Worse, many traditional facials use products that don't belong anywhere near your face. These include cheap, low-quality oils derived from petroleum products - oils many petrol companies pay skincare brands to take off their hands. Would you be happy paying upwards of €100 to have one of the planet's most harmful substances left on your skin?

intraceuticals facial oxygen microdermabrasion chemical peel best clinic dublin cork killarney

Lucky for us, modern-day science has found the key to effective facials in both nature and technology. SISU's clinics in Dublin, Cork and Killarney feature facials include options like microdermabrasion and chemical peels. Microdermabrasion uses cutting-edge technology to simultaneously reveal fresh, younger skin while removing and disposing of tired, dull skin. Chemical peels use innovative science to turn naturally-occurring acids, derived from fruit, milk, and other edible ingredients, to increase cell turnover and rejuvenate skin.

Then there are SISU's oxygen facials. These are administered with technology and products from Intraceuticals® Facials. Their state-of-the-art system delivers a jet of purified oxygen to the epidermis, with 95% of the oxygen absorbed by the skin - clearing the way for some of the most innovative, effective, active ingredients ever created. SISU will even add amazing Intraceuticals® serums to your facial treatment.

When you compare the cost of a traditional, low-impact (or downright harmful) facial to an investment in the best clinical beauty treatments available, it's a false economy to go for the cheap option. As well as wasting your money, you're also risking adverse reactions, deep disappointment, and buyer's remorse.

How do you know which SISU facial is right for you? Let our doctors help you with that. Book your free consultation now. Our experienced aesthetic physicians will give you a personal assessment, tailoring any treatment to your unique facial anatomy and your desired results, explaining the treatment in full, and answering all of your questions. Click here to book your consultation appointment today. You have nothing to lose but tired, dull, problematic skin!

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