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"Oh my God - it's brilliant!" [VIDEO]

August 07, 2018
Lorraine is mum to a toddler and felt her appearance had suffered due to the strain of motherhood and many sleepless nights. So she decided to do something for herself: She came to SISU.

SISU matched Lorraine with one of our doctors for a free consultation. She selected three of our most popular treatments: the Liquid Face Lift, Botox anti-wrinkle injections, and lip fillers

So how does Lorraine feel about her results? In her words, "over the moon!" See Lorraine's transformation video below and hear her rave about her "glow and fresh look." As she puts it: "Oh my God - it's brilliant!"

After only two days, Lorraine says she saw a "vast difference" in her appearance. What might you see in yours? Call 1890-99-89-48, email [email protected], click here, or go to SISU Clinics' FB page to book your free consultation with your SISU doctor.

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