Excessive Sweating

How we treat excessive sweating

Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, is a medical condition characterised by over-activation of sweat glands. This embarrassing, difficult-to-manage condition can affect any part of the body but is most common in the armpits, craniofacial area, feet and hands. SISU specialises in the treatment of excessive sweating, eliminating a chronic condition that interferes with daily life.

SISU's physicians have years of experience using Botox injections to eradicate excessive sweating. Unlike topical treatments, Botox targets sweating at its source. Within the one or two minutes it takes your SISU doctor to skilfully and safely inject both underarms, Botox will move toward the sweat glands, where it will reduce the contraction of surrounding muscles - thus reducing sweating.

Post-injection, you can expect to notice the treatment working within four to six days. Within one week, you should notice a significant reduction in the amount of sweat produced in your affected areas. In clinical studies, patients were found to experience more than 80% reduction in sweating within the first seven days post-treatment.

Lady Sweat Preventation Under Arm

How long do the results last?

After your first SISU treatment for excessive sweating, the effects will last an average of about six months. As duration of results varies, simply call SISU to arrange for follow-up treatments with your aesthetic physician.

What about sweaty palms?

While excessive sweating from the underarms makes daily life difficult for many people, the impact of sweaty palms can be even more jarring. For those of us whose work means meeting people and shaking hands, the prospect of a new, friendly face in the room can lead to feelings of dread and shame. While very sweaty underarms can often be seen, those with sweaty palms live in fear of even a simple handshake - something it can be even more awkward to decline.

The good news is that Botox injections are just as effective for excessive sweating of the palms as it is for hyperhidrosis from the underarms. To prepare for this treatment, your SISU doctor will ask you to hold ice packs in your hands for a period of 15 - 20 minutes. This will begin numbing the hands. Your doctor will increase the numbing by applying a topical anaesthetic cream, reducing your ability to feel the targeted, precise injections that will recalibrate sweating from the hands to normal levels.

Sweating Palms Treatments

Is it painful?

In a word, no. Your SISU aesthetic physician will prepare the affected area(s) for treatment with a topical numbing agent. In the case of sweaty palms, this will be preceded by 15 - 20 minutes spent holding ice packs to accelerate numbing. The injections themselves take only a minute or two, during which time the area is numbed.

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*Time scales quoted are based on averages and results are subjective and both may vary from person to person*
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