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How to Get Instant Jawline Definition: SISU Define

June 20, 2019

double chin jawline permanent fat removal blonde sisu clinicWhen you think of a sculpted jawline, you might think more men want this than women. Surprisingly to many, this is not so! Seems almost everyone asks SISU’s doctors how to get instant jawline definition.

While women want a more elegant look, men prefer chiselled and strong. But never before has it been so fast, easy, painless, or affordable to get just that. So if you want an instant defined jawline without surgery, look no further than SISU Define.


Nonsurgical Jawline Sculpting for Women

All in all, women and men are seeking different results for their defined jawline. In short:

  • In general, a woman’s ideal jawline is different from what men want.
  • Indeed, women most often want an elegant contour.
  • An overall slimming effect is also a major goal.
  • Women also hope that this is how to get a graceful neck.
  • Good news – with SISU Define, they get all of these results!

Further along in this blog post, we’ll cover men’s most sought-after jawline. But first, you’ll meet Caitlyn and Grainne. Wait till you see how these two ladies achieved their desired jawlines with SISU Define.


Injectable, Instant Jawline Definition: Caitlyn, Before and After

Undoubtedly, the proof that SISU Define works is in the results. For that reason, we prefer you to see those with your own eyes. Instead of telling you how thrilled patients are, we’ll show you.


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A post shared by CAITLYN | MAKEUP ARTIST 🌼 (@caitlynlendrum) on

As shown above, this gorgeous patient looks amazing no matter what. Still, the sculpted jawline she was after simply eluded her.

So what is the story behind our patient’s treatment?

How to Get Instant Jawline Definition: Belfast, Dublin, Cork, Killarney, Ranelagh

SISU Define did just that for Caitlyn. (NOTE: temporary redness/swelling from injection sites subsides within minutes.)

  • Suprisingly, this natural beauty is a master of makeup artistry. She is Caitlyn Lendrum, pro makeup and brow artist.
  • As a popular Belfast makeup artist, Caitlyn is an expert with contour powder, highlighter and all the rest.
  • So when she came to us for SISU Define, it was because she knew no makeup was going to give her the definition she wanted.
  • While Caitlyn knows how to fake a defined jawline with complicated makeup, why should she have to? Now, thanks to SISU Define, she doesn’t.

Look, Caitlyn is a whiz when it comes to all things cosmetic. She is paid and trusted by clients all over Ulster and beyond to maximise their beauty. So when she says SISU Define gave her the jawline makeup couldn’t, she knows what she’s talking about!

And for the non-professional makeup artists among us, rest assured: There isn’t a YouTube tutorial or ‘holy grail’ product that can define your jawline. SISU Define actually does it – and does it better, faster, and with none of the daily aggro!


Nonsurgical, Immediate Jawline Definition: Grainne, Before and After

Also, check out another patient who’s thrilled with her results. SISU Define gave Grainne the elegant, sculpted contours she wanted. We know whose friends will be asking her how to get instant jawline definition!



How to Get Instant Jawline Definition

Grainne knows how to get instant jawline definition! (NOTE: temporary redness from injection sites subsides within minutes.)



Watch Grainne’s transformation, her reaction, and her instantly defined jawline WITHOUT surgery:



perfect jaw for a man chiselled chiseled strong nonsurgical injectable defined jawlineHow to Get Instant Jawline Definition For Men

At right, you can see a jawline most men would love to have. So how do SISU’s medical doctors deliver that?

Above all, men want SISU Define to give them the peak masculine form they crave. (This is also why men love Botox and why men get Botox!)

In general, for men this means a strong, chiselled effect. As always, SISU’s bespoke treatment approach means each patient gets his most flattering look. Most important: As with any SISU treatment, there is no one-size-fits-all look.

For example, below is patient Pat Phelan. He is also SISU’s CEO and has an inspiring fitness story. In short:

  • Over the past two years, Pat has undertaken an aggressive, ambitious mission.
  • After years of unhealthy living, Pat was determined to get fit, muscular, and into the best shape of his life.
  • By and large, Pat has achieved just that. He’s taken years off his appearance and looks like a new man.
  • In addition to intense workouts and weightlifting seven days a week, Pat also overhauled his diet.
  • Yet in spite of all this, Pat couldn’t get the chiselled jawline he was after.
  • Undoubtedly, the 4AM alarms for 5AM training sessions and healthy eating remade Pat’s body and health.
  • Still, you can define the muscles on your body with the right food and unrelenting exercise. But there is no magic food or special training routine for jawline definition!

Within minutes, without lifting a finger, SISU Define gave Pat exactly what he’d been unable to get with diet and exercise alone. He could have trained twice as hard for two more years, cut his calories even more, and still never have achieved this result:


chiseled jaw no surgery cork dublin killarney ireland belfast

SISU CEO Pat Phelan’s jawline before and just moments after his SISU Define treatment

So when people ask Pat how to get instant jawline definition, it’s because they can see he’s already got his!

Get Instant Jawline Definition in Minutes

Believe it or not, your SISU doctor can give you your perfect jawline in just minutes. Come in on your lunch break or after work and walk out with the defined jawline you’ve always dreamed of. As the treatment is 100% nonsurgical, comprised of injections, there is no downtime whatsoever and results are immediate.


How Do I Book SISU Define?

Defined Jawline Without Surgery at SISU Clinic Ranelagh in Dublin

Welcome to SISU!

Your SISU patient concierge is on standby to schedule your appointment in Belfast, Cork, Dublin or Killarney. We offer several ways to book a free consultation and dermal filler treatment with your SISU doctor:

Where to Get Your Perfect Jawline: SISU Aesthetic Clinic Locations

  • BELFAST – 63 Ann Street, Belfast, BT1, 4EE (MAP)
  • CORK – 60 Oliver Plunkett Street (MAP)
  • DUBLIN – 15 South Anne Street, Dublin 2 (MAP)
  • DUBLIN (Ranelagh) –  3 Fields Terrace, Charleston Road, The Triangle, Dublin 6 (MAP)
  • KILLARNEY – Old Town Hall, Market Street, Killarney (MAP)

Again you can book online via SISU’s online booking form or call your SISU patient concierge on 1890 998 948 or 028 9575 7974 (UK) to get your free consultation with one of our medical doctors.

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