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How to Find the Best Botox Clinic

August 17, 2018

Botox is the world’s most popular injectable aesthetic treatment. So it’s no surprise that antiwrinkle injections are the number one most requested treatment at SISU Aesthetic Clinic in Dublin and our other clinics.

Once you’ve decided to get Botox, the first question is: “Where is the best place to get my antiwrinkle injections?”

Finding the best Botox clinic is easier when you know what to look for and what to feel for. Here are our doctors’ guidelines and top tips for getting it right the first time, whether you’re in Dublin or somewhere else in the world.

getting the best botox in dublin

• Like all injectable treatments, Botox should be performed by medical doctors only. Do not consider providers whose injections are administered by nurses, dentists, beauticians, aestheticians, or anyone but a qualified medical doctor. You deserve to be treated like a patient, not a ‘customer,’ ‘client,’ ‘sale’ or name on a booking sheet.

• Only consider specialised medical doctors for Botox. The wisest route to finding the best Botox clinic is to focus on doctors renowned for their talent and skill in highly specialised aesthetic treatments. These are practitioners who will have spent years refining their treatments, kept up on the most innovative techniques, and even trained other aesthetic doctors in how to get the best results for every patient. You deserve to have only the best doctor helping you become the best version of yourself.

• Likewise, the provider should also have full insurance from an insurer specialising in cosmetic and aesthetic practitioners. The insurer in question should be one that only works with doctors who meet the highest industry standards. For example, SISU Aesthetic Clinic is fully insured by Hamilton Fraser Insurance, which has 20 years’ experience vetting such specialists.

• Any Botox clinic should be happy to show you proof that they are a medical doctor registered with the Irish Medical Council.

looking for the best botox clinic in dublin

• When you come into the clinic, you should receive a warm welcome by friendly yet professional staff. Your comfort with specialised treatments like Botox should start the moment you walk in the door. The best practitioners know the best patient experience can only happen with attentive, helpful, accommodating staff greeting everyone who crosses their threshold – whether that’s a patient with a booked appointment or someone who is curious about antiwrinkle treatment options and would like more information.

• The clinic environment should be welcoming and warm with a clean, unfussy aesthetic. That means a calming look and feel, a soothing ambience, as well as the highest standards of hygiene. This means spotless surfaces, immaculate fixtures, and more. We can all sense when we’re in a clean space and when we’re not! And we all know when we’re in an environment that puts us at ease and makes us feel looked after. Bonus points if you feel pampered just by being there and the clinic has that luxurious atmosphere we all love!

• Get personal referrals! If you know someone who is open about having had Botox, they will almost certainly be happy to let you know where they went for their treatment. In fact, a person’s enthusiasm about the clinic is a major indicator that you’re onto a winner.

• Check out reviews online of each practitioner you’re considering. You can get a good feeling for where you’d feel most comfortable going for Botox or other nonsurgical, injectable treatments. Do your research, trust your gut instinct and choose accordingly.

• The medical doctor should offer you a free consultation. They should take time to understand your desired results, listen to your concerns, and give you all the information you need to make an informed, confident decision. Additionally, they should show patience and sensitivity in answering all of your questions about the procedures and what you can expect from both the treatment session and your results.

• Your Botox treatment should include bespoke care and continuity of care. That means a 14-day review, free of charge to you. An excellent doctor is one who wants to ensure your happiness and that the results are superb.

Do you want to experience the gold standard in Botox clinics and results? Click here to book your free consultation with your own SISU doctor. We’d love to show you why SISU Aesthetic Clinic is the best Botox clinic in Dublin – and the rest of Ireland.

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