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This is the Holy Grail of Holiday Beauty Kits

September 11, 2018

With such strict security rules about what you can bring in carry-on luggage and how you can pack it, sometimes it’s just easier to check your bag and forget about packing your holiday beauty kit. Here are the current hand baggage guidelines for traveling on flights originating in Ireland.

Liquids may only be carried in containers holding 100ml or less.

They must be carried separately in a single bag which is:
Transparent and resealable
No larger than 1 Litre 20cm x 20cm

There is a limit of one transparent plastic bag per person.

The bag must close properly with all the items inside the liquid volume clearly indicated on all containers.

Liquids in containers over 100ml will not be permitted through security.

But what if the airline loses your bag? What if you need to freshen up on the plane? Here are a few of our favourite hacks to keep everything with you and keep yourself beautiful.

SISU Clinic travel for flights

First, you should ask yourself if you really need all of your usual products with you. Should you pack your everyday body wash, for example, if you’re likely to have just as good an option at your destination?

The second obvious move is to replace full-sized products with items from your stash of travel-sized products and free samples – if you’ve got them.

As you can only take one of those one litre bags as hand baggage, you might want to ask your flight partner if he or she would be willing to take some of your items in their carry-on. (Granting this request is the sign of a true friend. At least buy them a thank-you beer.)

To maximize space in your bag of liquids, assess your beauty regimen and identify which products can be easily swapped with solid versions you can pack in a separate toiletry bag. For example, a solid deodorant works just as well as a spray. Your cream blusher can be substituted with a powder. Neither has to go in your little liquids bag. You get the idea.

These product options are perfect for travel:

Consider opting for a high-quality, non-liquid cleanser. Sachets of Clinique Fresh Pressed Renewing Powder Cleanser with Pure Vitamin C is a fantastic choice. Just pour the powder into the palm of your hand, add a tiny bit of water, and cleanse. Bonus: You can get a seven-day supply of this product, along with a single week’s worth vial of the Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10%, in a package deal. That’s you sorted for seven days of cleanser and serum.

Clinique Fresh Pressed duo

You know how we feel about cleansing wipes. This is one case where they are just about permissible, provided you follow a few simple guidelines. Most importantly, don’t use dry cloths that make skin-stripping suds when moistened. Instead, opt for ones free from sulfates and other problematic ingredients. Simple Water Boost Hydrating Face Cleansing Wipes are an acceptable option. But no matter which wipes you buy, make sure you rinse with actual water (preferably distilled rather than tap water, or a 50ml spritz like Avene Thermal Water Spray) after using them, or else you’ll just leave acne-causing debris behind.

Avene Eau Thermale - Thermal Water travel size

Instead of a bottle of exfoliating toner or scrub, pack acid-soaked pads. For maximum efficiency, opt for individually wrapped ones, like Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel wipes. These are extremely travel-friendly, can be used at home, and don’t need to go in your bag of liquids.

Dr Dennis Gross Universal Alpha Beta Peel Pads

It’s time to discover the wonders of powder-based, mineral makeup. Options like Bare Minerals Original Foundation SPF 15 and No7 Mineral Perfection Powder Foundation will challenge anyone who thinks a dry mineral powder can’t work as well as a fluid foundation. (If you prefer a compact, Bare Minerals Skin Perfecting Veil is for you.) Bare Minerals Multi-Tasking Concealer will also make you think twice about the cover-up power of a powder.

Bare Minerals mineral powder foundation SPF

Pick hair products that do more than one thing really well. A travel size of Batiste Dry Shampoo & Volume will let you skip a wash, plus give locks a fresh smell and boosted volume. Bumble and Bumble Pret a Powder is a dry shampoo, root booster and style extender you can sprinkle on hair to stay fresh and chicly coiffed. While it comes in 14g mini sizes, there is no need to put poweders in your liquids bag. So you can even take a full-sized bottle.

Bumble and Bumble Pret a Powder

If you’re into DIY, make your own multipurpose product by freezing coconut oil in an ice cube tray. Right before you leave for the airport, pop a few coconut oil cubes into a small container or sealed bag and stash in your toiletry kit. The oil will remain solid well through the security line, and possibly—depending on the climate of your destination—throughout your trip. Warm with your fingers to use as a cleanser, moisturizer, body oil, anti-frizz serum, and every other cosmetic function coconut oil can serve.

In all this packing frenzy, don’t forget sun protection. Eucerin Sun Cream SPF30 50ml is a petite version of one of the best SPFs on the market and is especially suitable for the face. The Ambre Solaire Weekend Traveller Sun Cream Multipack is also a good deal. It includes a 75ml Ambre Solaire Sensitive Hydrating Face Sun Cream Mist SPF50 and two 50ml bottles of Ambre Solaire Sensitive Sun Cream SPF50+.

Ambre Solaire Mist SPF 50

Don’t forget: The point of a holiday is to…take a holiday. You don’t need to bring a glam squad or try to recreate one with your own products. Plus, it’s always nicer to travel with a lighter bag than one heaving with unnecessary items. Make the most of the break and feel confident in being your best self no matter what. And you can always book in for a clinical facial at SISU to recover from all the stress of a holiday (!) when you get back.

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