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Emmerdale Botox Storyline: The Dangers of Black Market Botox

January 2, 2019

Why Is Everyone Talking About Botox on Emmerdale?

Of course it’s no surprise that a scary Emmerdale Botox storyline is getting a lot of attention. Because more people now get anti-wrinkle injections, the media has more interest in nonsurgical treatments. After all, not just celebrities and the wealthy elite get Botox nowadays. Indeed, antiwrinkle injections are popular for many reasons, including the accessibility and affordability of Botox. So it makes sense that one of the UK’s most popular soaps would use anti-wrinkle injections as a timely topic.

Undoubtedly, the Emmerdale Botox storyline is meant to scare people about Botox. But what it should really scare people about is the danger of getting Botox from anyone but a medical doctor. Because, in addition to an unskilled provider, you will also likely get counterfeit Botox. So that cheap Botox bargain could be one of the most expensive mistakes you ever make.

What Is the Emmerdale Botox Storyline?

emmerdale botox story episode bernice blackstock cavanaughIn brief: Emmerdale character Bernice Blackstock goes to a local beauty therapist for antiwrinkle injections. But she doesn’t know the cheap Botox she’s getting counterfeit Botox sourced from the black market. Obviously the beautician, Kerry Wyatt, is not a medical doctor. Nevertheless, Kerry injects Bernice’s face with knock-off Botox. Consequently, Bernice has an allergic reaction. She suffers anaphylactic shock and falls into a coma.

While in intensive care, hospital doctors reveal that Bernice’s face might be left permanently paralysed from the counterfeit Botox. Most importantly, Bernice ends up debilitated and possible disfigured only because she went to an unqualified provider. Counterfeit Botox goes hand in hand with unqualified practitioners.

To emphasise: The mistake was going to anyone but a medical doctor for Botox. For unqualified providers, using dangerous black market Botox is par for the course.


What’s in the Syringe?

In short, unless you get your Botox from a medical doctor, chances are the product itself is unfit for use. Counterfeit Botox, as with any knock-off pharmaceutical product, is extremely dangerous. Because of the internet, it’s now easier than ever for nefarious providers to buy black market Botox.

Did you know it costs nearly $3 billion (€2.6 billion) to take a drug like Botox from concept to release? Did you know this research and development (R&D) process, on average, takes 15 years for just one product?

To summarise: No cheap Botox shortcut exists for something companies have invested so much money and time invested in it. If someone is not a medical doctor and is pushing you on their ‘bargain,’ you are not dealing with a trustworthy provider.


How Do SISU Doctors Rescue Patients From Botox Disasters?

As its name suggests, onabotulinum neurotoxin type A is a toxin. Beauticians and other non-doctor providers are not qualified to administer this pharmaceutical product. So frequent complications occur when they do.

In fact, at SISU Clinics, only medical doctors give patients injectable treatments. That is why we have patients, not ‘customers’ or ‘clients’.

Every physician on the SISU medical team is licenced. Additionally, every SISU doctor has superb, extensive training and experience. So yes, they are highly skilled in administering Botox. What’s more, they have the medical degrees, licencing and skill to treat potentially disfiguring and deadly side effects caused by unqualified Botox providers.


What Complications From Unqualified Providers Do People Ask SISU Doctors to Fix?

Firstly, life-threatening infections are a common when people do not go to a medical doctor. But there are also serious hazards that could disfigure you.

For example, ptosis is also known as drooping eyelid. This complication is prevalent in people who go to unqualified practitioners. In fact, peer-reviewed research reveals that an unqualified Botox provider is more than FIVE times more likely to give you drooping eyes.

SISU Clinics only employ medical doctors to give injectable treatments. So every member of SISU’s medical team has the experience, skill and training to avoid giving anyone droops in the first place! Moreover, every member of our medical team has the credentials and experience to prescribe and administer the drug necessary to fix them. Sadly, our doctors are frequently asked resue patients who have drooping eyes caused by unqualified practitioners.

ptosis from botox droopy eyelidSpecifically, Iopidine eye drops are a prescription-only drug that can often treat droops from botched Botox. The drops can elevate the upper eyelid from one to three millimetres. Thus SISU’s doctors can rectify the droop.

No beautician or other non-medical doctor has the knowledge or training to fix an eyelid droop. Additionally, they will not have the credentials, qualifications or licencing required to access, prescribe and administer the drug needed to fix it.

Tragically, too many people learn the truth about cheap Botox the hard way. As our doctors hear over and over: I should have known. It just seemed so cheap!”

How Do I Vet Botox Providers?

First of all, not all ‘doctors’ are equal. Many are poorly qualified or trained. Some have questionable qualifications. It’s crucial you check credentials and experience.botox clinic cork dublin killarney sisu

  • Medical doctors are highly regulated in Ireland. The Irish Medical Council only registers medical doctors who meet demanding criteria. Any worthy provider will be happy to show you evidence of their registration.
  • Likewise, doctors must meet stringent criteria to be insured. SISU Aesthetic Clinics are fully insured by Hamilton Fraser Insurance. Hamilton Fraser has 20 years’ experience vetting aesthetic specialists.
  • Visit the clinic. Get a sense for its medical protocols, hygiene and professionalism. Is it a purpose-built facility (like SISU Clinics are)? Do the staff seem knowledgable? Will the doctors meet you (time permitting)? Will they let you see their treatment rooms?
  • In some parts of the world, dentists can legally inject Botox. Find out if the provider is a medical doctor or dentist. Don’t be fooled by the ‘Dr’ in front of their names.
  • Longtime patients often mention the superior difference of being treated by aesthetic medical doctors for Botox, dermal fillerslip fillers and all the best nonsurgical treatments. They always say this in SISU Clinic’s Dublin Botox reviews, Cork Botox reviews and Killarney Botox reviews. (All reviews are independenty verified by WhatClinic.)
  • Moreover, patients naturally feel more secure with actual medical doctor. Aesthetic physicians have deep, extensive knowledge of eye muscles and cranio-facial anatomy. They deliver amazing Botox results thanks to this expertise and experience.

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