Dublin's Best Lip Fillers

Dublin’s Best Lip Fillers: Doctor Q&A

November 27, 2018

Dublin’s Best Lip Fillers: Hot Treatment, Hot Topic

Of course everyone is searching for Dublin’s best lip fillers! After all, lip fillers are one of the most in-demand treatments in Dublin.

Still, people have many questions about Dublin’s best lip fillers. For example:

  • What should I know before getting lip fillers in Dublin?
  • Where can I get Dublin’s best lip fillers?
  • Who should I go to for Dublin’s best lip fillers?
  • How do I know if a provider can give me Dublin’s best lip fillers?
  • Can I get cheap lip fillers in Dublin?
  • Why can’t I just get lip fillers from a beautician in Dublin?
  • What happens when lip fillers go wrong?

Nobody knows more about Dublin’s best lip fillers than Dublin’s best lip filler doctors. That’s why our doctors are constantly asked for advice on lip fillers in Dublin and elsewhere. So here’s what SISU Clinics’ medical doctors have to say on all things lip fillers in Dublin!


Dublin's Best Lip Fillers


Why Are Lip Fillers So Popular in Dublin?

  • First of all, global popularity of lip fillers has grown immensely. That includes Dublin!
  • For one thing, social media has had a huge impact on lip filler uptake.
  • Lip fillers are now perceived as something normal and accessible – even in Dublin.
  • Before, lip fillers were seen as only for rich celebrities in places like Hollywood. They weren’t a ‘Dublin thing’.
  • Furthermore, people in Dublin now know they can improve their lips’ appearance in minutes with a doctor.

Dublin's Best Lip Fillers for men



Who Should Look for Dublin’s Best Lip Fillers?

To begin with, lip augmentation is available to anyone who thinks it would improve their appearance. For example:

  • It’s not just women who want their perfect pout. Lip fillers for men are more popular than ever.
  • Lip fillers are suitable for a wide range of natural lip types. Dubliners display all of these.
  • Have your lips always seemed nonexistent? Lip fillers for thin lips can give you the visible lip line and profile you’ve always wanted.
  • Did your lips seem to deflate with age? Lip fillers can restore lost volume in seconds.
  • Likewise, lips of average fullness can benefit for a little ‘oomph’.
  • As a matter of fact, beautifully amplified fullness can also look subtle and natural.
  • Of course, the popular ‘glam girl’ look popularised by celebs like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian is also an option.
  • So bespoke, personalised lip fillers mean everyone can benefit from this transformative treatment.
  • Not to mention that the price of lip filler has never been more affordable.
  • Together with advances in dermal fillers, reductions in provider costs have made lip fillers an equal opportunity treatment.
  • Finally, Dublin’s best lip fillers are now available to more patients than ever before.


Dublin's best lip fillers from SISUWhat Should I Know Before Getting Lip Fillers in Dublin?

At SISU Clinic, our doctors feel very strongly about the pedigree of lip filler providers in Dublin. Firstly, many patients come to SISU’s doctors to fix mistakes other providers have made with their lip fillers.

Their mistake? Your face.

This is why SISU’s doctors are so firm about avoiding unqualified providers in Dublin. To begin with, your lip fillers provider should meet these criteria:


How Do I Find Patient Reviews for Dublin’s Best Lip Fillers?

First of all, patient reviews are more reliable than any advertising. Furthermore, it’s easy to find patient reviews for lip fillers in Dublin.

SISU Clinic patients are encouraged to leave feedback. Some choose to make their lip fillers reviews public. So there are hundreds of SISU’s patient reviews for lip fillers in Dublin at your fingertips. For example:


Dublin's Best Lip Fillers - before and after photos



Who Should I Go to For My Lip Fillers in Dublin?

In short:

  • Go to a doctor. Anyone else is unqualified to give you the best, safest lip filler results.
  • Go to a clinic – not a pop-up location, salon or spa.
Dublin's best lip fillers - SISU Clinic

Room at SISU Clinic Dublin, 15 South Anne Street, Dublin 2

How Do I Rate a Lip Filler Provider in Dublin?

To begin with, here are the basics:

  • Go to the clinic. Get a feel for how it is run, the hygiene, staff reliability, and overall ‘vibe’. Are you comfortable trusting this clinic with your face?
  • Have a focused, unrushed chat with your potential doctor.
  • This should be a proper consultation.
  • The doctor should be patient, give full explanations, and answer all your questions.
  • Further, the doctor should be curious about your goals, desires and concerns. If the doctor doesn’t ask about this, that’s a huge red flag.
  • None of this should be done with one eye on the clock. Not by you and certainly not by the doctor!

At SISU Clinic we treat patients. We never regard our patients as ‘clients’ or ‘customers’. This approach of medical excellence is something patients feel as soon as they walk into our clinic in Dublin. If a provider makes you feel like a sales prospect rather than as a patient, get out.


Dublin's best lip fillers - cheap lip injections are a bad idea

Can I Get Cheap Lip Fillers in Dublin?

You can. But should you? In short, no. Here’s why:

  • ‘Cheap’ and ‘injections into your face’ are two phrases that should never go together.
  • First of all, cheap providers can only afford rock-bottom prices by cutting essential corners. Those include things like hygiene, equipment, quality of staff and the fillers themselves. These are factors that should never be compromised.
  • Often, these cheap providers botch the treatment. Then patients run to SISU to fix the damage. So they’ve actually spent more rather than getting a bargain.
  • There can be additional healthcare costs. Specifically, it costs you money if the provider’s lax hygiene, expired product or techniques cause an infection or other issue. (Don’t forget possible time off work to recover.)

Still – we get it. Most of our lip filler patients fall within the 18 – 24 age range. This is the time of life when you’re either a student or just starting work. You’re really feeling the cost of things, often for the first time. At that point, cash flow can make or break your month (or week…or day!).

We have all been on budgets before – all of us. SISU’s doctors didn’t get through years of medical school and hospital training with bottomless pockets!

So of course you will want the best price. Likewise, you will also want the best result. We think you’re worth it. Do you?


But Why Should I Pay More For My Lip Fillers in Dublin?

Here are a few reasons:

  • The Pound Shop is a rational place to go to save on loo roll and tea towels. But you wouldn’t want to get your lip fillers from the clinical equivalent.
  • Also, you’re not just paying for the doctor’s time or the lip fillers themselves.
  • At SISU Clinic, our medical standards are second to none.
  • So we emphasise patient experience, pre-care and after-care, the highest standard of medical protocols and purpose-built medical facilities.
  • Those are all inextricably linked to our doctors providing your best results.

As a well-established, globally recognised, national clinic group, we know what it costs to provide the best aesthetic treatments. It is not cheap. But it is worth it to us. Because you are worth it to us.


Dublin's best lip fillers for young adults

Why Can’t I Just Get Lip Fillers From a Dublin Beautician?

Facial anatomy is complex and medical school is long and hard for a reason. Treatments that physically change your facial structure are medical. This isn’t a haircut or a facial.

Further, treatments with the potential of serious complications should only be carried out by experienced, qualified medical professionals. A one-day course in a beauty college is not a medical qualification.

Assume you go to a beautician. Consider this:

  • What happens if something goes wrong?
  • What happens if you get a reaction from a substandard product?
  • Firstly, a beautician will not be able to give you medical treatment for complications.
  • Secondly, they will not be insured to cover complications.
  • Furthermore, the beautician will likely not be able to afford to cover your medical costs.
  • You will pay for their mistake.
  • Finally, the reputable producers of world-class dermal fillers only deal with medical professionals and established clinics.

Imagine just how expensive your ‘cheap’ treatment can become in the blink of an eye.


Dublin's Best Lip FillersWhat Happens When Lip Fillers Go Wrong?

Unfortunately you end up in a clinic like SISU, asking one of our medical doctors to try to repair the damage.

On a near-daily basis, new patients come to our clinic because their lip fillers were mishandled by an unqualified provider. So we know very well the results of cheap lip fillers in Dublin. We’ve heard it time and again: “My friend said they were great for lip fillers, I don’t know why there was a problem with mine. What happened?”

We just told you above what happened. Hopefully you’re reading this before putting your face in the hands of such a provider.

The best you can hope for is that your SISU doctor fixes the damage and you’re stuck with the cost of the repairs. In most cases, our doctors can rectify the issue. But the botched ‘cheap’ lip fillers have now cost you even more money.

The worst case scenario is that we can’t fix it. Now those cheap lip fillers in Dublin are with you forever.

Learn from so many others’ mistakes. Don’t put important medical procedures in the hands of random amateurs. Dublin’s best lip fillers are worth the investment. So are you.

How Do I Get Dublin’s Best Lip Fillers?

Good news! We offer several ways to book a free consultation with your SISU doctor. To begin with:

Finally, remember: Your consultation with your SISU doctor is always free.

Firstly, we want you always to feel empowered to make an informed decision. Further, you are important to our doctors before you even step foot in our clinic. We want you to be confident about your treatment decision. You’re at the centre of all we do.

So if you want time to think about it, go ahead! We’re happy if you’d like to wait and come back whenever you feel ready. Likewise, you can also get same-day lip filler treatment. Your SISU doctor will accommodate your wishes.

SISU’s doctors are waiting to show you the best lip filler treatment in Dublin. We can’t wait to meet you!

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