SISU Amy before and after botox

Do It For You: Amy’s Botox Results

July 4, 2018

Remember Amy from our Do It For You success story?

Now see the photos of Amy’s results, side by side with how her forehead looked before she came to SISU for Botox anti-wrinkle injections.

botox before after photos pictures video ireland dublin cork clinic

botox injections before after photos pictures video ireland dublin cork clinic

Here’s what Amy has to say about her SISU experience in a 5-star review:

From the moment I walked in the door, I felt as though I was in the right place. The atmosphere, the professional consultation and most importantly the warm welcome…This welcome made me feel as though I could trust Dr Brian Cotter and his team completely! In the initial consultation, Dr Cotter listened to my worries, my concerns and my insecurities. He listened, understood and explained everything.

Just before my treatment where I was to receive 3 areas of Botox in my forehead, Dr Cotter went through everything and made sure I was comfortable. The treatment was over before I knew it and was just as he had promised. I felt no pain and had no bruising after the treatment. I did not have any marks on my face at all following the treatment.

One of the best things about SISU is the clinic is not an in-and-out type of clinic. After my treatment I had a follow up appointment to ensure everything was ok and I was happy with my results. This made me feel as though I really mattered and my experience could not have been better.

My results are amazing and I could not be happier. Truly SISU is the best out there and I will most certainly be returning and recommending to everyone.

Want to know what your own before and after photos will look like? Call us on (021) 427-9438 or click here to book a free consultation with one of our doctors. And here are a couple more before and afters so you can see what SISU can do for you, too:

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