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Diagnose and Predict Skin Conditions Instantly: SISU Digital Skin Analysis

December 25, 2018

How Do You Diagnose and Predict Skin Conditions Instantly?

Firstly, we all know the limits of the naked eye. In fact, even magnifying mirrors can’t show you much detail when it comes to your skin. Likewise, they cannot diagnose and predict skin conditions instantly – or, indeed, at all. (They can, however, make you crazy and lead to picking. Get rid of them!)

So how do you diagnose and predict skin conditions instantly? In short, it takes some killer diagnostic and predictive technology. The kind of innovative tech that also wins awards around the world. Further, this is the science behind SISU Digital Skin Analysis from SISU Aesthetic Clinics.

Finally, SISU Digital Skin Analysis is ALWAYS FREE at SISU Clinics in Cork, Dublin and Killarney. Yes, free. Yes, always. See how quick and easy it is in this video starring Paul V Stenson and Jason Kidd from Cork’s White Moose Café and Charleville Lodge Hotel.




How Does SISU Digital Skin Analysis Diagnose and Predict Skin Conditions Instantly?

Firstly, SISU’s technology has cutting-edge capabilities. These are enabled by precision, narrow band LED polychromatic light sources.

Specifically, this next-level technology enables multiple analysis modes. Each one achieves a different aim. For example, these innovative modes include:

  • RGB Daylight
  • Cross-Polarized
  • Parallel Polarized
  • True UV
  • Complexion Prediction

Here are some highlights of what SISU Digital Skin Analysis diagnostic modes do.


Diagnose skin conditions instantly - SISU Digital Skin Analysis

Parallel Polarized

This analytical mode of SISU Digital Skin Analysis does several things. To list, it:

SISU digital skin analysis imageCross-Polarized

All in all, SISU Digital Skin Analysis is high-tech troubleshooting for your skin. In this mode, SISU’s clinical skin analysts can:

True UV

When you want to go deep on skin damage, True UV takes you there. Specifically, it:


Complexion Prediction

By the time your skin conditions are in full effect, it can be too late to quash them altogether. So it’s incredibly useful to get a literal photograph of your future skin. The qualitative analysis of this mode is certainly unparalleled. In detail, it:

  • Fast-forwards to give a picture of your future skin
  • Flags skin issues that are already developing
  • Predicts your skin’s appearance over the next few years.
  • Shows you what lies ahead for your complexion and skin health.


sisu digital skin analysis epidermisHow SISU Digital Skin Analysis Helps Track Your Skin’s Progress

Firstly, we’re more than happy to provide SISU Digital Skin Analysis FREE to everyone. That’s how revealing and helpful it is.

Additionally, SISU Digital Skin Analysis helps you track the progress of your nonsurgical treatments and clinical skincare treatments. That includes laser skin rejuvenation.

So how can SISU’s technology track your progress? Because SISU Digital Skin Analysis can:

  • Show you side-by-side comparison views
  • Print or email your full skin analysis reports
  • Share the images from your skin analysis with you – and you can share them with others
  • Recommend bespoke treatments and products for your skin’s unique type and conditions
  • Compare each SISU Digital Skin Analysis session imagery as your treatments continue.


For Which Treatments Can SISU Digital Skin Analysis Track Progress?

There is an endless list of SISU treatments you can track with our free SISU Digital Skin Analysis. From day one through every treatment, see scientific, visible evidence of your progress. For example, you can track how the following treatments are helping your skin:

sisu digital skin analysis diagnose skin conditions instantly

Diagnose and Predict Skin Conditions Instantly – For FREE

Good news! We offer several ways to get FREE diagnostic and predictive skin analysis. To begin with:

However you book, we’re excited to meet you. So let us treat you to both get free laser skin treatment and free digital skin analysis. Click here to claim your free treatments and skin services in Cork, Dublin or Killarney. We certainly can’t wait to meet you – and see the rejuvenated you!


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