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Cheapest Botox Dublin: Facts & Costs

November 11, 2018

We will be blunt about this topic.

First of all, cheap Botox in Dublin is a bad idea. When it comes to your face, cheap and Botox are not two words that should ever go together. So it is worrying how many people search for “Cheapest Botox Dublin” or “Cheap Botox Dublin” every day!

At SISU Clinic we often get calls asking, “How can I get my Botox cheaper?” So let us outline some facts about Botox and why you should avoid cheap providers. Thinking of Botox in Dublin city centre? Googling for “Cheapest Botox in Dublin”? Read this first.

Botox in Dublin - before and after makeover on a woman at SISU Clinic

Cheap Botox is fine, right?

Wrong. Let’s break down an anti-wrinkle injection treatment and explain where the cost factor lies.

  • First of all, at SISU Clinic we only employ specialist medical doctors. The best Botox doctors do not work for cut-price rates!
  • Additionally, Botox is a brand of a drug called onabotulinum neurotoxin type A. It is made in cutting-edge pharmaceutical labs. This does not come cheap either.
  • Furthermore, anti-wrinkle injection providers must have adequate insurance. This is not just hugely expensive – it is a legal requirement. None of your “Cheapest Botox Dublin” search results will tell you this – except this one!
  • Finally, a safe, trusted, expert Botox provider will work from purpose-built clinics. SISU has invested properly in building the best facilities, acquiring the best medical equipment and other elements. All this to deliver the best possible experience and results to you. We build clinics, buildings that are specific for the singular job of aesthetic medicine. SISU does not do “pop-up clinics” in salons or parties. We will not come to your house with a bag of needles.



At SISU Aesthetic Clinics, you will pay a little more than at a cheap-as-chips Botox provider. Above all, remember this:

Botox in Dublin, Cork and Killarney at SISU comes with a review appointment two-weeks post-treatment.  At this review, your doctor will ensure you have the best Botox results. If it is deemed necessary to administer a bit more Botox to perfect your result, SISU provides that at no additional cost to you.

Why to avoid the cheapest Botox providers in Dublin?

First of all, there has been a dramatic rise in Botox treatments. Due to this, competition is fierce. So this has resulted in a “race to the bottom” for some providers.

Hence the pressure is on. Because providers must save money somewhere in order to slash prices. We already explained a little bit about where the expense lies.

Fact: If a provider is cutting the price, they are definitely cutting corners. 

Because cheap Botox providers are not running charities. So they are lowering their costs wherever possible. These cut corners are always on vital elements that ensure both your safety and your best results. Therefore you are not their priority. The best Botox clinics do not take the bargain route to caring for you!

Brunette with Botox Dublin at SISUAre there more reasons to avoid the cheapest Botox providers in Dublin?

Above all, there is no comparison on the experience you get. The differences between a cheap Botox provider and SISU Clinic with specialist medical doctors are numerous. Yes, they include safety, rigourous hygiene and the best results.

Probably the biggest thing patients tell us they notice at SISU Clinics in Cork, Dublin or Killarney? That they are treated as a patient. 

SISU does not have ‘customers’. We do not have ‘clients’ for injectable treatments. So when you are our patient, three factors abide:

  1. First of all, we want you to be safe and comfortable. We are doctors, after all!
  2. Also, we want you to understand your Botox treatment. We take our time explaining everything to each patient. Our doctors answer all of your questions.
  3. Finally, we want you to be happy with your result. We will review your Botox treatment at two weeks to ensure this is the case.

Probably the biggest lesson to learn before you put your face in the hands of cheap Botox providers in Dublin? Such providers do not have patients, they have customers. To them you are a name on a booking sheet and a wad of cash in the till. To SISU you a patient of one of our trained, experienced, specialist medical doctors.


Cheap Botox and the hidden dangers?

As its name suggests, onabotulinum neurotoxin type A is a toxin. Because of the reasons outlined above, SISU Clinics often get patients who come to us after going for cheap Botox in Dublin, Cork or Killarney. Why do they come to us?

  • They’ve had bad results and turn to us to fix them.
  • Because often the patient had no post-treatment review with the cheap Botox provider.
  • For the reason that the person who treated them is often ‘off the books’ for several weeks.
  • Due to cheap Botox providers’ setup, they are short-staffed. In contrast with SISU, they do not have resident doctors. (SISU Clinics’ doctors only work for SISU Clinics.) Whoever they have hired is on an as-needed basis, and will ‘float’ between jobs.

The best case scenario is that we can correct the issue. But the worst case scenario is we have to wait for the drug to wear off.

So for such patients, the truth about cheap Botox in Dublin, Cork or Killarney is learned the hard way. As we have heard too many times: I should have known. It just seemed so cheap!”

Cheapest Botox in Dublin? No - the best Botox in Dublin, on an older woman

So how does SISU Clinic justify the extra cost?

  1. First of all, we provide better results. These superb results are achieved by experienced, specialist medical doctors. As you can imagine, these doctors are in high-demand. SISU pays them accordingly.
  2. Furthermore, we provide gold-standard, ‘high-touch’ patient service. SISU has patient concierges to ensure your entire experience, from booking through after-care and follow-up, is the best possible.
  3. Also, the above includes a much higher amount of your doctor’s time spent hearing your thoughts, concerns and questions. Likewise, they spend time answering those questions and explaining everything. A trusting, understanding doctor/patient dynamic is not built on rushed chats. Additionally it takes time and patience.
  4. Similarly, we are constantly improving our patients’ experience. As the recognised leader in nonsurgical treatment innovation, SISU Clinics introduced the term doctor-led treatments to the wider market. That is the kind of innovation patients can count on from us.
  5. Above all, our doctors undergo rigourous training to ensure that our high standards are always met or exceeded. So their training never stops. Hence these are specialists whose talents are at the forefront of nonsurgical treatments. With focus on the most sophisticated developments in injectable treatments, SISU invests in our resident doctors’ continued expertise.
  6. Finally, the SISU Clinic Botox review is something other providers do not give their ‘clients’. (Remember, at SISU you are always a patient.) Getting a phone call from a receptionist, two weeks after your treatment, is not a review! Maybe it was your first time getting Botox. How do you know if you don’t have a problem? Besides that, do you know if you don’t require additional Botox? SISU invests in this high level of attention to detail. It’s not just extra time – it’s extra care. You won’t get it anywhere else.

How to book on SISU FBHow Do I Book the Best Botox in Dublin, Cork or Killarney?

If you’re reading this then you’re on the right path! We offer several ways to book a free consultation with your SISU doctor:

Your consultation with your SISU doctor is always free. We want you to feel empowered to make an informed decision. So if you want time to think about it? Feel free! Certainly you may wait and come back when you feel ready. Likewise, you can also receive same-day Botox treatment.

SISU is waiting for you in Dublin city centre. So get in touch and get the best Botox anywhere!

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