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Cheap Lip Fillers in Belfast City Centre [The Best Lip Injections in Ulster]

July 4, 2019

Best cheap lip fillers Belfast city centre clinic sisu clinic ann street Victoria

SISU Clinic Belfast at 63 Ann Street, BT1 4EE (at the junction of Ann and Victoria Streets) – MAP

Best Lip Fillers in Belfast, Cheap or FREE!

So many people search the internet for reviews of ‘Cheap lip fillers in Belfast city centre’. Seems everyone wants to know where to get the best lip injections in Ulster.

But what if we told you the best lip injections in Ulster can be yours totally FREE?

Also, what if we said you can get them in Belfast city centre, at the junction of Ann Street and Victoria Street.

While it might sound like a fantasy, it’s a dream come true now that SISU has arrived in Belfast.

Furthermore, these lip filler treatments come from medical doctors with more than 1,000 reviews as the Best Botox, Lip Fillers and Injectables Clinic in Dublin, Cork, Belfast and Killarney.

What’s more, these are lip fillers that don’t hurt! Painless lip fillers, for free or nearly free? Certainly.

All things considered, you might think this is an exaggeration. It’s not. So if you want to know how to get FREE injectable treatments in Belfast, Dublin, Cork and Killarney – including lip fillers – keep reading.

How Can the Best Lip Fillers in Belfast Be So Easy to Get?

Until now, it’s never been easy to get high-quality injectable treatments with a massive discount. But SISU is making it both easy AND simple.

  • As a matter of fact, literally ANYONE can now get free lip filler injections.
  • Furthermore, anyone can collect THOUSANDS toward any SISU Clinic nonsurgical treatments.
  • In fact, you might NEVER have to pay for another lip filler treatment again!

Later in this post, we’ll get into more detail about how to get those free nonsurgical treatments. It’s simple. So for now, let’s show you why why SISU Kiss lip fillers give you the best results and easiest treatment available anywhere.

cheap lip fillers belfast city centre best lip injections ulsterCheap Lip Fillers in Belfast City Centre? Let’s Make Them FREE

Until now, it’s never been easy to get high-quality injectable treatments with a massive discount. But SISU is making it both easy AND simple. As a matter of fact, literally ANYONE can now get free SISU Kiss lip filler injections. Furthermore, anyone can collect THOUSANDS toward any SISU Clinic nonsurgical treatments. In fact, you might NEVER have to pay for another lip fillers treatment again!


How to Get Cheap Lip Fillers in Belfast City Centre / Ulster?

All in all, there are just three steps to collecting your FREE SISU Kiss treatments. Specifically, you can do this with SISU Share. When you get your free SISU Loyalty Club membership, you can immediately start earning free nonsurgical treatments.



So for everyone searching our site for ‘How to save on lip fillers’, look no further!


Cheap Lip Fillers in Belfast? Free Is Better – and Easier

‘Certainly there’s something more complicated I need to do’, you might be thinking. But no! In fact:

  • Just share your love for SISU with friends or followers who have never been to our clinics.
  • Send them to any and all SISU Clinics locations!
  • Ensure your friend gives your name when they go for their first SISU Clinic nonsurgical treatment.
  • When your friend chooses an injectable as their first treatment, SISU will give them €100/£100 off!
  • After their treatement, SISU will give YOU €100/£100 toward your next injectable!

So it’s just that simple! As SISU Kiss patients say, the results are ‘unreal’. Watch:



But Wait, There’s More!

Yes, it gets better. How so?

  • Firstly, you can collect as many of these €100/£100 credits as you want.
  • Just keep sending your friends or followers to SISU like this and we’ll keep giving you €100/£100 rewards!
  • So send five friends and get €500/£500. Send 10 friends and we’ll give you €1000/£1000. And so on! No limits.
  • Moreover, your social media followers can also earn you THOUSANDS in SISU rewards.
  • Indeed, if you have major reach across your Instagram, YouTube vlog, Facebook, blog, Snapchat and/or other social media, you can collect massive amounts of free treatments.
  • Finally, all you have to do is be honest with your friends, followers and loved ones about how much you love SISU!

After all, membership to the SISU Loyalty Club is free. You can claim yours inside any SISU Clinics location: Belfast, Dublin (South Anne Street and Ranelagh), Cork and Killarney.


cheap lip fillers belfast city centre best injections ulster

Ainé’s SISU doctor sorted out her uneven top lip line, gave her lips more definition, and increased the volume for a fuller yet natural boost

How Do SISU Kiss Painless Lip Fillers Work?

Belfast beauties know about lip fillers. But many of SISU Clinic Belfast’s patients are surprised to find out we have zero-pain lip fillers. And when we say ‘zero-pain’ we mean these are lip fillers that don’t hurt at all!

Of course, SISU Kiss lip fillers are much more advanced than the lip injections you may have gotten elsewhere in Belfast. Specifically:

  • To start, SISU Kiss is a painless lip filler treatment that perfects the shape, contour and volume of the lips.
  • Secondly, SISU’s doctors in Belfast have combined our lip fillers with the best reviews with a unique local anaesthetic.
  • In reality, traditional lip filler injections from other Belfast providers can be painful.
  • But now, with SISU Kiss, you are guaranteed Belfast’s most comfortable, painless lip augmentation.
  • For that reason, patients consistently say SISU Kiss are the best lip fillers in Belfast for a painless, perfect pout!

Belfast Lip Filler Reviews

Here is just a sample of what patients have to say about SISU Kiss lip filler treatments. For example, Ainé says she and everyone else is ‘obsessed’ with her perfect pout!



So what was Lauren’s immediate reaction to her fuller lips? ‘Oh my God! They’re fab!’




cheap lip fillers in belfast city centre

Just a few of the team members at SISU Clinic Belfast – 63 Ann Street (at Victoria Street) in Belfast city centre (B1) – MAP

Why Are We Offering Unlimited FREE Lip Fillers? Why Not Just Cheap Lip Fillers in Belfast City Centre?

First, SISU Share is part of our massively popular, free SISU Loyalty Club. Why do we give such a high value, constant rewards program to SISU patients? Specifically:

  • Because we’re so grateful to have such loyal patients!
  • So we wanted to thank you all on an ongoing basis – not just occasionally.
  • Of course we already offer frequent bonuses and discounts, but you deserve more!
  • Indeed, we want everyone to feel SISU’s appreciation every day.

Consequently, we created the SISU Loyalty Club.


SISU Loyalty Club: Free Membership, Exclusive Giveaways, Discounts and Other Bonuses

So what are the benefits of a free SISU Loyalty Club membership? To list just some of them:

  • Earn points with every SISU Clinic treatment!
  • Both nonsurgical, SISU Clinical Skincare, and SISU Smile treatments earn points.
  • Not only that, but you earn points for every product purchase, too.
  • In other words, you get points for everything you get from SISU.
  • These points are credits toward future SISU Clinic treatments.
  • Specifically, these point credits can be redeemed for ANY SISU nonsurgical/injectable treatment.
  • What’s more, there is no limit on the amount of point credits members can collect.
  • Also, there is no limit on the amount of point credits members can redeem.
  • So with every SISU nonsurgical treatment, you get rewards you can use.
  • Of course, these credits can be applied to treatments you already love or to new ones.
  • Most important, you can combine your SISU Share €100/£100 credits with points for previously earned for treatment and product purchases.
  • Consequently, it’s more affordable than ever to discover new favourite injectable treatments!


How to Book Cheap Lip Fillers in Belfast City Centre

SISU Clinic Belfast City Centre now open at 63 Ann Street, BT1

Welcome to SISU Clinic!

Firstly, your SISU patient concierge is always on standby for you. So we offer several ways to book your treatments and free doctor consultations. Here’s how:

The quickest way to book SISU is via our online booking form for all clinics. You can use this scheduling system 24 hours a day, seven days a week!


SISU Aesthetic Clinic Locations

  • BELFAST – 63 Ann Street, Belfast, BT1, 4EE (MAP)
  • CORK – 60 Oliver Plunkett Street (MAP)
  • DUBLIN – 15 South Anne Street, Dublin 2 (MAP)
  • DUBLIN (RANELAGH) –  3 Fields Terrace, Charleston Road, The Triangle, Dublin 6 (MAP)
  • KILLARNEY – Old Town Hall, Market Street, Killarney (MAP)

Again, you can book online via SISU’s online booking form or call your SISU patient concierge on 1890 998 948 (Ireland) or 028 9575 7974 (Belfast) to get your free consultation with one of our medical doctors.

sisu clinic phone number email address freephone ireland uk

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