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Cheap Botox: Buyer Beware

October 19, 2018

A reality of Botox is that it does require some financial investment. Even though antiwrinkle injections and dermal fillers are vastly more affordable than surgery, they’re not negligible purchases.

Some might look at Botox and other nonsurgical treatments as ‘spend.’ Those who have experienced the results see it as a worthy investment in their self-esteem and success. After all, those who feel more confident tend to fulfill more of their potential.

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Medical Facts About Botox Treatments

  • Any injectable is a medical treatment. It is not a salon service.
  • Medical treatments require medical doctors. Full-stop.
  • Medical doctors who specialise in aesthetic treatments are uniquely qualified to administer injectable treatments. It’s not just a matter of giving a jab. This is about improving your entire appearance. Otherwise, why bother?
  • No doctor is a master of nonsurgical treatments right out of the gate.┬áProducing superb results with Botox requires years of training, experience and expertise. Don’t
    be an amateur’s guinea pig.
  • Providers who are not medical doctors are not capable of rectifying any damage they often cause with initial treatment.

But many are still tempted to go the bargain route with Botox treatments. As you might guess, this involves several risks. There are more of these than you might think.

Diluted Botox

In order to make money on cut-price injections, bargain providers often dilute the actual product. Otherwise, they cannot even break even on their costs. This dilution can cause the material to make its way where it was not intended to go. This can cause drooping eyebrows, fallen eyelids and other unsightly ramifications.

Contaminated Botox

Botox providers are not running charities. So if one is offering cheap Botox, they must lower costs somewhere in order to make a profit. The cut corner often comes in the form of counterfeit antiwrinkle injections. These can be purchased at a much lower cost by the provider. Those savings are (usually) passed onto the recipient. But so are all of the potential health problems resulting from contaminated, unsafe Botox. Of course, treating these health issues is both life-threatening and expensive. So what have you really saved?

woman with red hairCounterfeit Botox

Picture this: A Botox shop owner buys counterfeit Botox, figuring it’s got to be as good as the real thing. He passes this onto the injector, who is most likely not a doctor. The injector has no idea what unknown industrial chemicals he’s putting into people’s faces. So he can’t know the potential side effects or what it looks like when things have started to go badly wrong. That means problems aren’t treated immediately. And that means your face and total health go into a very hazardous zone.

Health Hazards

The best case scenario from cheap Botox is that you end up looking frozen, paralysed, or otherwise just plain weird.

The worst case? For starters, death.

Yes, lumps, bumps and droopy eyelids are unattractive. Damaged facial muscles can be disfiguring. But ramifications like infections and damage to veins can kill you.

How to Spot a Dangerous Provider

In essence, avoid the ‘floggers’ who do a five minute consult and have no medical qualifications. But read our guide on how to find the best Botox clinic for specific guidance. Or, just book into SISU for your free (30 minute) consultation with one of our specialist aesthetic medical doctors!

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