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Celebrity Deceptions Exposed: Extreme Photoshop

September 10, 2018

Social media can be great, but as is widely acknowledged, it can also bring you down. Between the display of seemingly perfect families and always spotless show homes to the once-in-a-lifetime holidays and five-star restaurant outings, it’s easy to feel like you’re not quite measuring up to some ideal standard of living.

That’s especially true when viewing the glam photos posted by celebrities on social media. But thanks to an Instagram account doing the hard work of exposing these fabrications, more people are realising just how fake this perfection often is.

The private Instagram account @celebface is getting global media recognition for their efforts to expose the truth. (They seem to approve most requests to follow, and also have a Twitter account where they post frequently.) The team behind @celebface have spent months showing how celebrities including Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora, Alessandra Ambrosio, Madison Beer, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid use and abuse photo editing apps. The account also frequently posts extreme close-ups of Kim Kardashian and other famous faces, so you can see just how imperfect they really are.

Gigi Hadid Photoshop fail

Rita Ora photoshop

Kendall Jenner Photoshop fail
Bella Hadid Photoshop fail
Madison Beer photoshop fail

Even the guys are in on it. Here, model Jordan Barrett goes beyond the subtle edits and into full-blown recreation of himself.

Jordan Barrett Photoshop fail

Here’s the thing: Imperfection is not a crime and perfection is a dangerous goal. There is simply no way to live up to such ideals, and trying to do so leads to inevitable feelings of disappointment and damaged confidence. It’s similar to the fiction that Kylie Jenner lip kits are the secret to her look, rather than doctor-administered lip fillers.

Consider the harm you do in asking, “Why can’t I look like [Person X]?” when Person X doesn’t even look like Person X. When Kylie Jenner is Photoshopping her baby and Kendall Jenner is Photoshopping her arms to make them look thinner, we’ve reached peak perfection insanity.

Kendall Jenner Photoshop arms fail

Now that photo editing is so easy and accessible, celebrities aren’t the only ones taking to a nip here, a tuck there and a digital lift. It might be tempting to craft the perfect image for social media, but how would you feel if you knew everyone else knew you were faking it? Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel good enough as your own best self that you don’t feel the need to edit your photos? Imagine how liberating that would feel.

Here’s a point to ponder when curating your life story for social media. Who are you fooling: other people or yourself?

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