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Dublin's Best Lip Fillers

Dublin's Best Lip Fillers: Doctor Q&A

Dublin’s Best Lip Fillers: Hot Treatment, Hot Topic Of course everyone is searching for Dublin’s best lip fillers! After all, lip fillers are one of the most in-demand treatments in...

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Dublin's best lip filler injections clinic and doctors

Best Lip Filler Providers Dublin FAQ

Best Lip Filler Providers Dublin: Frequently Asked Questions Firstly, you’re not the first one to search for “Best lip filler providers Dublin”. Nor will you be the last! Lip fillers...

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Kylie Jenner

Celebrity Deceptions Exposed: Extreme Photoshop

Social media can be great, but as is widely acknowledged, it can also bring you down. Between the display of seemingly perfect families and always spotless show homes to the...

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SISU model male lip fillers

Macho Mouth: The Rise of Male Lip Injections

When it comes to lip goals, women have Kylie Jenner, Angelina Jolie and Priyanka Chopra. Increasingly, men are looking in envy at their own male lip idols: Channing Tatum, Brad...

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Do it for you: Lioba

Do It For You: Lioba's Lip Fillers

This week’s ‘SISU: Do It For You’ video was one of our favourite lip fillers makeovers yet. We showed you Lioba’s lip fillers journey from thin, smile-and-they-disappear lips to the...

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Lioba smiling after lip fillers

Lip fillers: SISU Gave Lioba Her Lips Back

When Lioba came to SISU, she told us her top lip would disappear whenever she smiled. This is something our doctors hear a lot from patients, and is a main...

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