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Facial Vein Treatment

One of the most common skin concerns is the appearance of facial veins. You probably know of these by several names, including: Facial spider veins Facial thread veins Facial broken capillaries Facial broken blood vessels What Are Facial Veins and What Causes Them? Facial veins are dilated blood vessels. This dilation is caused by age-related…

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Laser Skin Treatment and Its Benefits

At first glance, laser skin treatments might sound too good to be true. Removing scars, spider veins, acne scarring and sun damage? Reducing deep wrinkles and rosacea? Getting rid of melasma and other hyperpigmentation? And we’re to believe these are just a few of many laser benefits? Good news: It’s all true. By turning over…

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Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Technology has changed everything in our lives. From how we get to work to how we communicate, we’re not going back to the past. Can you imagine traveling everywhere without cars and trains, or staying in touch with the world without your smartphone? We’ve moved on in other areas of our lives, and so too…

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Microdermabrasion for Acne Scars

The Problem Acne is the blight that keeps on giving (grief, that is). After the active breakout is gone, it can leave behind lifelong memories in the form of scars. And if getting older wasn’t upsetting enough, it can also make acne scars more noticeable. Age-related loss of collagen and sun exposure only make these…

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In-Flight Skincare Saviours

Did you know airplanes are more than twice as dehydrating as the Sahara Desert? While the Sahara has a humidity level of 25 percent, the air in those tubes in the sky has only 12 percent humidity. This lack of moisture in the atmosphere can do a real number on our skin, especially if it’s…

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This is the Holy Grail of Holiday Beauty Kits

With such strict security rules about what you can bring in carry-on luggage and how you can pack it, sometimes it’s just easier to check your bag and forget about packing your holiday beauty kit. Here are the current hand baggage guidelines for traveling on flights originating in Ireland. Liquids may only be carried in containers holding…

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