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Botox Dublin City Centre: Everything You Need to Know

October 25, 2018

Botox Dublin city centre: makeover before and after photosThinking About Botox Dublin City Centre?

Have you been Googling for ‘Botox Dublin city centre’? Certainly you’re not the only one.

Good news: We can help!


Worried About Botox?

First of all, it’s not just you. Among patient fears:

  • Sub-standard providers
  • Unflattering results
  • A frozen, paralysed look
  • Not looking like themselves anymore.

Another factor is that Botox is a financial investment. These are all reasonable concerns. Furthermore, it is correct to consider them.

How to Choose the Best Botox Dublin City Centre Provider

Most importantly, check for these criteria:


Botox Dublin city centre: botox transformation pics


The Botox Dublin City Centre Leader

SISU Aesthetic Clinics meet all of the above criteria. Even better:

Above all, at SISU you’ll always be treated as a patient. You’re never a client or customer here. Hence for hundreds of patients, SISU is the most trusted Dublin Botox clinic.


What Should I Look For When Choosing a Botox Dublin City Centre Clinic?

Research on Botox providers is key. Didn’t do your homework? That’s a massive risk. So in addition to the above checklists, scour patient reviews for Botox in Dublin.

SISU offers several ways for patients to leave feedback. Some choose to make their Botox before and after reviews public. SISU’s reviews for Botox in Dublin are located below:




What SISU Patients Say About Botox Dublin City Centre

Probably the most obvious thread that runs through our reviews? SISU’s excellence and focus on the patient. Almost all say that SISU doctors:

  • Always give complete information
  • Focus on patient understanding
  • Enable an informed decision
  • Provide an unparalleled patient experience
  • Emphasise doctor/patient trust
  • Never apply pressure during the free consultation
  • Care about their concerns and desires
  • Designed a bespoke treatment plan just for them
  • Give honest guidance
  • Are willing to lead patients away from approaches that will not give the best results
  • Reward patients for their loyalty
  • Are thorough at the 14-day follow-up Botox review
  • Always want to ensure patient happiness.

Do All Botox Clinics Give Free Follow-Up After Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

In contrast with SISU, no. So why do we conduct this free review?

  • Because we always follow the highest international standards for clinical excellence
  • This is in line with the Botox manufacturer’s recommendations
  • SISU’s doctors genuinely care about your results
  • If we think you’d benefit from a little extra Botox, we will administer it to you free of charge
  • Finally, we want you to be happy.

Our doctors wake up every day, excited to transform patients. Anything we can do to ensure your satisfaction, we will do.



Troubling Variables in Botox Dublin City Centre Providers

Finding a clinic claiming to have doctors is no guarantee. Not all ‘doctors’ are equal:

  • Some doctors ‘moonlight’ at doing Botox, lacking the SISU expertise in aesthetic medicine
  • Many clinics do not perform anti-wrinkle injections regularly, so they are unreliable for good results
  • Often, these clinics have low demand for Botox. Therefore, they only have a list of doctors they use occasionally. (In contrast, all SISU Clinic doctors are resident with us. They only work within the SISU group of clinics.)
  • These conditions do not facilitate gold-standard treatment
  • Hence the patient is left with sub-standard results.
  • Finally, the patient pays the same (or higher) price for worse results.

Should I Be Worried About Cheap Botox Dublin City Centre Providers?

Absolutely. Here are some specific reasons for the dangers of cheap Botox:

  • Botox (AKA onabotulinum neurotoxin type A) is a controlled drug
  • Therefore it is expensive for clinics to purchase
  • Do to this, cut-rate providers often dilute Botox to make it ‘stretch’
  • Consequently, they can charge less while cheating the patient
  • Many buy counterfeit Botox to cut corners and increase profits
  • Their penny pinching comes at your face’s expense – and your wallet’s
  • Most noteworthy, this carries serious health hazards
  • Furthermore, there is a high likelihood of awful results.

In contrast, SISU Clinic follows the Botox manufacturer’s dosage recommendations. We never dilute Botox. Most noteworthy, we always achieve the best results.

Hence, the ‘cheapest’ Botox could be the most expensive treatment you ever have.

The False Economy of Botox Dublin City Centre ‘Bargains’

Because of our gold-standard treatments experience, SISU does not offer the cheapest Botox in Dublin. Likewise, we are not the most expensive!

Rather, by investing in the best Botox clinic in Dublin you get a:

  • Dedicated medical doctor specialising in aesthetic medicine
  • Physician with comprehensive experience in nonsurgical treatments like Botox, dermal fillers, lip fillers, thread lifts and more
  • Free consultation with your SISU doctor
  • Patient explanation of the treatment
  • Plain-English conversation with your doctor, answering all your questions
  • Doctor keen to address your unique concerns and desires
  • Bespoke treatment plan, designed just for you by your SISU doctor
  • Free 14-day review post-treatment
  • Free top-up of Botox at the 2-week review, if deemed necessary by your doctor
  • Superb after-care plan
  • Clinical team eager to ensure your satisfaction with the entire experience.

How to book Botox Dublin city centre on SISU FB

How Do I Book Botox Dublin City Centre?

If you’re reading this then you’re on the right path! We offer several ways to book a free consultation with your SISU doctor:

Your consult is always free. We want you to feel empowered to make an informed decision. So if you want time to think about it? Feel free! Certainly you may wait and come back when you feel ready. Likewise, you can also receive same-day Botox treatment.

SISU is waiting for you in Dublin city centre. So get in touch and get the best Botox anywhere!

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