Nicola Gallen leaves Aura Day Spa for SISU

Belfast Expert Skin Therapist Nicola Gallen Joins SISU

Our doctors started searching for a Belfast expert skinĀ therapistĀ (actually, several!) months ago. In fact, the search began as soon as we chose Belfast as our next SISU city. For years,...

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Dermal fillers belfast best clinic

Dermal Fillers Belfast: Best Clinic Overview

Dermal Fillers Belfast: Best Clinic Overview At this point, “dermal fillers Belfast” is one of the top searches that leads people to our blog. It is also a topic our...

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SISU Clinic Belfast City Centre: Location Opening!

SISU Clinic Belfast City Centre: Location, Opening Special As has been noted by the Irish News, FORA and other media, SISU is growing. So today we’re thrilled to announce our...

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Lip Fillers That Don’t Hurt – Dublin, Cork, Killarney, Belfast

Lip Fillers That Don’t Hurt – Finally! If you’ve never had lip fillers, then the fear of pain can keep you from getting them. This is something our doctors have...

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double chin removal permanent ireland

Double Chin Removal Without Surgery

Double Chin Removal Without Surgery: Too Good to Be True? SISU’s medical doctors are frequently asked if there is a nonsurgical treatment that gives double chin removal without surgery. Although...

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get defined jaw without surgery dublin cork killarney ireland

Defined Jawline WITHOUT Surgery: SISU Define

How to Get a Defined Jawline Without Surgery “How can I get a defined jawline without surgery?” is a question our medical doctors have gotten for years. Now, SISU has...

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