A selection of Alumier MD skincare products

Product Spotlight: Alumier MD

As doctors specialising in aesthetic treatments, SISU’s medical team is constantly reviewing the newest research and breakthroughs in skincare. This means SISU is your direct route to the best treatments available anywhere in the world. Yes, that applies to injectable treatments. But it also applies to clinical skincare for at-home use. Because looking and feeling…

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SISU Model Hyperhidrosis

Could My Excessive Sweating Be Hyperhidrosis?

This summer has been one for the record books. Ireland saw some of the highest temperatures ever, including the longest heatwave for 20 years. From a blistering 32.5 degree high to official heatwaves recorded at more than a dozen weather stations every month, no one has survived this Irish summer without breaking a sweat. But…

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SISU Model Airport

In-Flight Skincare Saviours

Did you know airplanes are more than twice as dehydrating as the Sahara Desert? While the Sahara has a humidity level of 25 percent, the air in those tubes in the sky has only 12 percent humidity. This lack of moisture in the atmosphere can do a real number on our skin, especially if it’s…

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Fern Britton

Fern Britton: SISU Beauty of the Week

Most of us know Fern Britton as the jolly, relatable TV presenter. It’s hard to see how, even without knowing her life story, anyone could dislike her. But Fern has been fairly open about the challenges she’s faced in life – and that some of them were purely of her own making. While she has…

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SISU Model Blue Dress

Surprising Uses for Botox

Botox has been a household name brand for years. While there are many antiwrinkle injection products on the aesthetics market, Allergan’s version is the most famous. And as it has grown in popularity worldwide, so have surprising uses for Botox. Most of you have heard of ‘Mantox’ or ‘Brotox‘ (Botox for men). But have you ever heard of ‘Blotox’…

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SISU model looking over shoulder

This is the Holy Grail of Holiday Beauty Kits

With such strict security rules about what you can bring in carry-on luggage and how you can pack it, sometimes it’s just easier to check your bag and forget about packing your holiday beauty kit. Here are the current hand baggage guidelines for traveling on flights originating in Ireland. Liquids may only be carried in containers holding…

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