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Belfast Dermal Fillers – Cheapest and Best?

July 5, 2019

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SISU Clinic Belfast (as seen on Belfast Live!) at 63 Ann Street, BT1 4EE (at the junction of Ann and Victoria Streets) – MAP

Why the Cheapest and Best Dermal Fillers in Belfast Are at SISU

Firstly, loads of people arrive on our website after searching ‘Belfast dermal fillers – cheapest and best?’ So you’re not the only one who found us this way!

Indeed, dermal fillers are one of the most popular treatments across all SISU Clinics locations. While we only arrived in Belfast in May, our clinics in Dublin, Cork, Killarney and Ranelagh (Dublin) are the premier provider of nonsurgical treatments across Ireland. In fact, SISU patients have given our medical doctors more than 1,000 5-star reviews as the Best Botox, lip fillers and injectables clinic in Dublin, Cork, Belfast and Killarney.


What Do I Need to Know About Dermal Fillers?

Across all five SISU Clinics, our doctors certainly get plenty of questions about dermal fillers. For example:

  • Will I look any different?
  • How much dermal filler will I need?
  • Will I look fake?
  • What’s the difference between dermal fillers and Botox?
  • How do dermal fillers work?

First of all, SISU doctors approach dermal filler treatments on an individual basis. That means designing bespoke treatments tailored to suit each patient’s unique facial anatomy. No two faces are the same! Therefore our doctors design specific patient pathways to ensure the best results.

So now, here are our doctors’ answers to your dermal fillers questions.


nonsurgical nose job rhinoplasty belfast dublin cork killarney instantCan I Get a Nose Job with Dermal Fillers?

Emphatically, the answer is yes! Indeed, our doctors created SISU Nose Align to do just that. In effect an instant nose job, SISU Nose Align lets our doctors reshape and recontour the nose in just five minutes. Once you would have needed major surgery to achieve the results SISU Nose Align gives you with dermal fillers.


How Can I Get a Nose Job Without Surgery, Using Only Dermal Filler Injections?

In almost every area of appearance, innovation in aesthetic medicine has made the previously impossible our new standard treatment. Advances in science, as well as refined techniques and sophisticated formulas, have resulted in a shift away from invasive surgery. So injectable treatments like SISU Nose Align can immediately make the nose more symmetrical, align contours, and eliminate deep grooves.


Can I Erase Dark Circles and Tired Eyes with Dermal Fillers?

You can at SISU! Take a look:

dermal filler nose job instant injectable belfast

This is what we mean when we say SISU’s doctors make you look like you, only better!

So how does this work exactly?

  • First of all, SISU Revive is our doctors’ bespoke treatment to instantly revive, rejuvenate, and bring new life to the eye area.
  • Indeed, within just a few minutes, SISU Revive noticeably increases volume in your hollow, sunken and/or baggy eye areas.
  • In fact, many patients come for this treatment on their lunch break or before a night out, knowing they’ll look rejuvenated and refreshed before they leave the clinic.
  • What’s more, SISU Revive is the dark circle remover that really works.

Watch how it worked for Melissa and Chloe:


chiseled jaw no surgery cork dublin killarney ireland belfastWill Dermal Fillers Give Me a Defined Jawline Without Surgery?


If you’ve been wondering how to get instant jawline definition without going under the knife, look no further. Our doctors created SISU Define just for you.

For women, the desired jawline definition usually means a sculpted, elegant jawline. Whereas men tend to seek a chiselled, strong effect.

In either case, SISU’s medical doctors are able to give dramatic jawline definition in just a few minutes. The results are immediate and last for many months.

Come in on your lunch break or after work and walk out with the defined jawline you’ve always dreamed of. It really is that simple.

What’s more, as SISU Define is 100% nonsurgical, it is comprised only of injections. That means there is no downtime whatsoever and results are immediate.

See how Grainne got on with SISU Define:


Best Lip Fillers in Belfast for a Painless, Perfect Pout!Are Lip Fillers Made of Dermal Fillers?

In a word, yes. Click here to find out more about the best lip fillers in Belfast and how to get cheap lip fillers in Belfast city centre.


Belfast Dermal Fillers – Cheapest and Best: What Are Dermal Fillers?

To start:

  • Dermal fillers are technically a ‘medical device’.
  • They are made from a compound called hyaluronic acid.
  • Surprisingly to some, this substance occurs naturally in the human body.
  • Hyaluronic acid is vital for collagen production.

How Does Hyaluronic Acid Work?

  • First, the human body uses and replenishes its stores of hyaluronic acid every 12 hours.
  • But as we get older, our reserves of hyaluronic acid and its production decrease.
  • Consequently, we suffer volume loss of tissue.
  • To be specific, in the face this means sagging, more lax skin.
  • What’s more, gravity also takes its toll.
  • All in all, volume loss plus gravity lead to skin that cries out for dermal fillers.


defined jawline no surgery injectable

How Do Dermal Fillers Work?

To start, dermal fillers typically work in two ways. Specifically:

  • First of all, they increase tissue volume.
  • Furthermore, they induce tissue in surrounding areas to produce more collagen.

Consequently, aesthetic medical doctors at SISU can use dermal fillers to achieve multiple effects. First is the immediate replenishment of volume. Secondly, the longer term stimulation of increased collagen injection.

What does this mean in practical terms?

  • To start, there is a visible difference when dermal filler is placed between two layers of tissue.
  • In particular, fillers are superb in the areas of the mid-face (nasolabial folds), lower face (marionette lines), and the cheeks.
  • When medical doctors place dermal fillers in these regions of the face, the result is a natural looking increase in tissue volume.
  • Additionally, dermal fillers trigger increased production of the collagen necessary for fresher, more youthful skin.

liquid face lift belfast botox dermal fillers

Bernadette’s SISU doctor achieved a stunning transformation using both Botox antiwrinkle injections and dermal filler injections

Are Dermal Fillers the Same As Botox Antiwrinkle Injections?

In a word, no. To explain:

  • Firstly, Botox is a drug.
  • Secondly, Botox is dose-dependent.
  • Likewise, Botox is usually best suited to the upper portions of the face. While, as has been noted, dermal fillers work best in the mid-face, lower face, and cheeks.
  • Furthermore, it lasts for around three months.
  • In contrast, dermal fillers are classified as a medical device.
  • Also, dermal fillers are a volume-dependent treatment whereas Botox is dose-dependent.
  • Finally, dermal fillers last for 9-12 months depending on factors such as lifestyle and patient activity. In general, Botox injections last around three months.


How Much Dermal Filler Will I Need?

First of all, the simple answer to this question reveals the core of the ethos behind SISU Clinics. The fact is, no one needs dermal fillers. They are elective. They are a choice.

At SISU, our doctors are not here to guide you through what you ‘need.’ We’re here to provide you with information. Furthermore, we’re here to counsel you on what we can do to achieve your desired effect and result. Above all, we’re here to tailor all of this for you. Dermal filler treatments at SISU are bespoke, personalised and designed for each individual patient.


If I Get Dermal Fillers, Will People Notice?

Following their dermal filler injections, our patients report is that people say they look ‘refreshed’ and ‘well-rested’. Indeed, many people will say to them, ‘You’re looking so well, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is!’

SISU’s doctors give your most flattering apperance with a rejuvenated, fresh look. When dermal fillers are carried out by experienced medical doctors like SISU’s, the result is your very best, most vibrant look.


Will I Bruise From Dermal Fillers?

In truth, bruising is always possible. But in the hands of SISU’s qualified medical doctors, only about one in thirty patients will bruise. For those rare patients who do, the bruise will typically last for five to 10 days and disappear. Men tend to bruise less often compared to women. Because male skin is a little thicker, the bruise is less visible. Makeup can cover any bruise very effectively.


Will Dermal Filler Treatments Make Me Swell?

Dermal fillers absorb water. Due to this, some patients experience slight swelling for 12-36 hours post-treatment. In contrast, many patients get zero swelling. If patients do swell a bit, it is usually not noticeable to others. Because we are more conscious of changes in our own bodies, patients are often aware of it themselves even though others would not be.




Is There Any Downtime with Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are the zero downtime lunchtime treatment patients love. Patients come to SISU on their lunch break, before or after work, and within minutes are back into their daily routine. You can even come in before a night out for a refreshed, rejuvenated look. SISU Revive Eye Rejuvenation Treatment, SISU Define Dramatic Jawline Definition, SISU Nose Align nonsurgical nose job (rhinoplasty), and SISU Kiss zero-pain lip fillers are all popular dermal filler treatments with no downtime.


nonsurgical nose job rhinoplasty belfast dublin cork killarney instant results

Laoise loves the straight new nose SISU Nose Align gave her in five minutes with zero downtime!

What Is the Best Age to Have Dermal Filler Treatments?

In fact, this is a common question, especially in patients entering their late 30s.

Of course every patient is unique. But generally, we start to lose mid-face volume in our early 30s. Because of this, the mid-face and nasolabial fold areas (lines beside your nose) are emphasised. Consequently, the face can look drawn and ‘tired’.

Further, this area is a little more obvious in leaner patients. For more mature patients, we start to see signs of volume loss in the marionette region. These are the lines that appear at the corners of the mouth. Dermal fillers here can help neutralise the downturn. Therefore the result is a more balanced lower mouth region.

Meanwhile, heredity and lifestyle can make a lack of volume evident even in very young people. For example, many people with ‘tired eyes’ and dark circles have had them ever since they can remember. Likewise, misaligned noses are often evident long before mature adulthood. All in all, sometimes genetics affect us before age has a chance.

In essence, there is no exact best age for dermal filler treatments. Every patient is unique, which is why all SISU injectable treatments are bespoke.

How Often Should I Get Dermal Filler Treatments?

First of all, dermal fillers are volume-dependent. Therefore the results are often subjective. Again, each patient is different.

‘Foundation treatments’ allow our doctors to place a volume of dermal filler that allows for a noticeable, visible result, while also allowing for maintenance of that result. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers last for nine to 12 months. For that reason, most patients return at around six months to ‘top-up’ their dermal filler treatment. Likewise, other patients may like to add additional filler and build on their foundation treatment. At SISU Clinic, our doctors will guide you through the treatment options and design a bespoke pathway just for you.


How Can Such Amazing Nonsurgical Treatments Be Affordable?

Until now, it’s never been easy to get high-quality injectable treatments with a massive discount. But SISU is making it both easy AND simple.

  • As a matter of fact, literally ANYONE can now get free dermal filler injections.
  • Furthermore, anyone can collect THOUSANDS toward any SISU Clinic nonsurgical treatments.
  • In fact, you might NEVER have to pay for another dermal filler treatment again!

Click here to find how to get FREE injectable treatments in Belfast, Dublin, Cork and Killarney – unlimited!  (Reminder: SISU Clinic in Belfast also offers monthly payment options to finance your nonsurgical treatments.)


Belfast Dermal Fillers – Cheapest and Best (How to Book)

SISU Clinic Belfast City Centre now open at 63 Ann Street, BT1

Welcome to SISU Clinic!

Firstly, your SISU patient concierge is always on standby for you. So we offer several ways to book your treatments and free doctor consultations in Belfast. Here’s how:

The quickest way to book into SISU is via our online booking form for all clinics. You can use this scheduling system 24 hours a day, seven days a week!


SISU Aesthetic Clinic Belfast & Other Locations

  • BELFAST – 63 Ann Street, Belfast, BT1, 4EE (MAP)
  • CORK – 60 Oliver Plunkett Street (MAP)
  • DUBLIN – 15 South Anne Street, Dublin 2 (MAP)
  • DUBLIN (RANELAGH) –  3 Fields Terrace, Charleston Road, The Triangle, Dublin 6 (MAP)
  • KILLARNEY – Old Town Hall, Market Street, Killarney (MAP)

Again, you can book online via SISU’s online booking form or call your SISU patient concierge on 028 9575 7974 to get your free consultation with one of our medical doctors. SISU you soon!

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